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1.The utterance in Spanish says, of course, not that you are ready bt that 'everything' is all ready ready. But 'You're all set' is more probably what we wold say, since the implication of the English phrase 'Everything is all ready' is that considerable packing has been completed to bring the situation into a state of readiness. The Spanish remark is much more casual in its implication.

2.The item mudarse also means 'to change clothes'. The context relative time sequence are all that reveal whether you should consider it as referring to a change of clothes or a change of residence. Thus Me mudo en media hora wold mean 'I'll change clothes in half an hour', unless, of course, the moving van were waiting out front and the context unequivocally demanded such an interpretation.

The process of nominalization that is represented in this construction will be dealt with in Units 33 and 35.

4.The only reason for the particular intonation that appears in the last past of this sentence instead of is to show contrast berween this cleaner's store anf the laundry referred to in the next utterance. The two utterances go together and the intonation on the first one is not natural unless they do.

5.Note the equivalence here of English on with the Spanish de. It is almost impossible to state ay generalized description of the difference involved here and elsewhere between English and Spanish prepositions.

6.The form mismo may be added to any subject pronoun or to any noun in this sense of '-self'. It agrees in respect to number and gender with the item it follows.

The names of the three days of the week have now appeared. It may be convenient, therefore, to list all seven here together:

When listed in series, the article is not attached.

Some speakers, particularly in Madrid, might say instead of .

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