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1.“Pasarte” is a Reflexive verb. They are used in Spanish when the subject and object are the same.

2.This sentence is unusually difficult to approximate in a translation that reflects adequately both the structure and the meaning. The actual meaning is best paralleled by a translation like 'And I haven't bathed or shaved yet', but structurally, the cited translation is somewhat closer and more subject to variation drill later in this Unit.

3.This use of certain clitics in a fashion that can only be translated as possessive in English is rather common. Literally, of course, the utterance is roughly this: 'I was cleaning for myself the teeth'.

4.The 'just' or 'just a moment' is not stated in Spanish, nor need it to be in the English: 'One moment' would be a satisfactory, though rather formal, translation.

5.One of the striking differences between Spanish syntax is illustrated in this sentence the occurrence in Spanish of the Past I form in a situation where only the English present perfect construction can satisfactorily occur.

6.Here the occurrence of the present perfect construction in the English of the preceding utterance requires that the confirmation utterance (whether negative or affirmative - here it happens to be affirmative) continue in the same way. The Spanish does not require continuation in the situation, so that the complete shift, from 'arrived' to 'already there is (some)' is not startling.

7. in this utterance means 'Finally after all that deliberation you were going through' or something similar. The translation is therefore not as literal as 'Hey, who are you finally going to tale?'

8.The phrase relator in does not imply 'when' or 'before' or 'as' in itself; but the context indicates that 'On leaving' is equivalent to 'When I leave', since more literal 'On leaving' is much too formal in English equivalent.

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