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1.'Hey' is not a very good translation of , but neither is anything else. is an attention-attracter whose alent in English is usually some sort of gesture, such as raised eyw-brows, an upward lift of the head to call for attention - something to indicate that a remark of importance, however slight, is to be made.

2.Note that the verb form here, an irregular Past II form is indicated as being Past II rather than Past I by the presence of two translations: simple past, 'were', and what may be called durative past, 'were being'.

3., like the equivalent given here, 'Say', is essentially, as empty exclamatin of mild surprise. It may also be used like oye as an attention-attracter to be sure the audience is paying attention to what one is about to say.

4.You can see here The occurence of two clitics in succession . You realize that 'I'll present him to you' and 'I'll present you to him'.

5.Literally this sentence means 'Let's take the cups for ourselves' - i.e., 'which belong to us'.

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