/// Family In Spanish- Notes

1.The translation of in this sentence is far from literal, but there is no very satisfactory literal translation possible. It does not mean 'contented' or 'satisfied' or even 'happy' in the sense that English speakers would mean in a sentence like 'Are you happy?', which implies something like 'Well, you were having problems; have things staightened out now?' The sentence just means, 'Are things going smoothly, is life treating you right?'

2.Note that English does not normally repeat the preposition before a double object; Spanish does: cf. 'with my wife and the children' and con mi esposa y con los niños.

3.The word has been seen in Spanish utterances that have received a variety of translations into English: 'already', 'still', 'yet', 'right away', etc. A list of those equivalents that it is most likely to have may be useful:

4.It should be noted that could mean 'Let's talk' instead of 'We'll talk'. That is, the form is also used in the hortatory sense.

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