/// Notes on the Basic Sentences

1.It is perhaps worth calling to your attention the fact that in this Spanish utterance the number of the verb (plural) rigorously agrees with the nummber of the subject (plural) even though the subject is positioned after the verb. In English the 'logical' subject is plural, but the grammatical subject is it, which is singular and requires the singular verb form is. The same situationoccurs below, 'It's some gifts.'

2.The occurence of both direct and indirect clitics.In the meanwhile all that need be pointed out is that the indirect clitic is the first of the two. Note, however, the no equivalent to the indirect appears in the English translation.

3.Notice that the Spanish present perfect construction is translated by the English past tense 'did they take good care of' in this sentence. This is a not infrequent translation pattern.

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