///Spanish Pattern Drills - Introduction

A. Presentation of Patterns in Spanish

The 'presentation of pattern' is a device that will be used here and in subsequent pattern drills to briefly explain the grammar principles and chart the illustrative forms that make up the pattern. It will usually consist of three parts: illustrations, extrapolation, and notes.

The illustrations are a group of sentences, some of which have previously appeared as basic sentences and some of which have notes. New sentences can be identified by the appearance of an English translation in the left hand column. These 'structural filler' sentences contain forms needed to fill out the pattern of the point being drilled and should be memorized just as basic sentences. In these sentences the forms to be drilled are underlined or italicized.


Listen, Read & Repeat

The extrapolation is an arrangement of the forms to be drilled that shows the relationships between these forms. These relation- ships are analytically 'extrapolated' and shown in a chart for the benefit of those who can grasp the relationships more easily when the; are presented visually in a special configuration.

The notes, when they occur, are designed to very briefly explain the extrapolation.

A fuller discussion of the pattern is presented after the drills in section B, entitled 'discussion of pattern'. Further explanation and correlation with other grammar points can be found in the appendix.

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