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Basically, is used to refer to, an object which is relatively nearer the person being addressed than it is to the person speaking, whereas refers to an object relatively nearer to the person speaking. Roughly, then, they correspond to the English words that and this, but in Spanish the ending on these two words indicates that the speaker does not know what the Spanish word for the object is (as when asking the question 'What is this?'), or that the speaker answering a question in which or is used, or that the speaker is referring to a situation or set of circumstances instead of to an object(as in ).Otherwise the speaker would choose these forms with other endings, which will be presented in Unit 7.

This and subsequent discussions of pattern are not designed for use in the classroom. They are explanations of the structural patterns of the drills for the orientation of students who feel that such explanations are helpful to their efforts to master the language. Class- room time should be reserved for drilling the language itself, leaving grammar explanations largely for home study or special grammar session of the class.


   1. That's Good.   Eso es bueno.
   2. This isn't Spanish.   Esto no es español.
   3. How's that going?   ¿Qué tal va eso?
   4. What's that?   ¿Qué es eso?
   5. What's this?   ¿Qué es esto?
   6. That's too much.   Eso es mucho.
   7. I don't want that until tomorrow.   No quiero eso hasta mañana.
   8. I want that later.   Quiero eso luego.
   9. I regret this very much.   Siento mucho esto?
   10. This is going very well.   Esto va muy bien.
   11. The young lady wants this.   La señorita quiere esto.

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