/// Notes on the Arrival Spanish Sentences

1.As can be seen by comparing the literal translation in the build-up with the free translation given in this sentence, there is simply not any literal way to equate the English idea of 'liking' something with a word in Spanish which takes an object as the English word like does. Rather, one has to say that the object which he likes is 'pleasing' to him. Thus 'I like it' becomes 'It's pleasing to me'.

2.Agua mineral, which literally means 'mineral water’ may be carbonated 'soda water' or it may simply be purified drinking water. The terms used for purified drinking water differ from one area to another. Sometimes such water is called by the trade name of the company that distributes it, such as 'Agua Güitig' in Ecuador, or 'Agua Chuquitanta' in Peru. At other times it is called agua cristal. At any rate, one should be certain that he finds out what to ask for, since the public water supply is safe in only a very few places in the Spanish-speaking world.

3.The forms /me/ and /la/ in the utterance /súbamela/ are called clitic pronouns, or, for short, just clitics.

4.Note that the word 'near' modifies a verb, but does not function as a phrase relator. The English word near, however, functions in both capacities. That is, in English we can say 'He didn't even get near' or 'He didn't even get near the house.' The Spanish equivalent of near is , in the first example, but plus 'near of, near to', in the second.

5.This idiom is especially useful to bear in mind. It is the equivalent of several English expressions. The closest is 'It is necessary to.. .', but the most frequent is 'You've got to .. .' or 'You have to.. .' or 'Ya gotta .. .', in all three of which the you does not refer to you personally, but really means something like 'One should.. .' or 'One ought to…’.

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