/// Making Introductions in Spanish

Mr. White arrives at work on his first day by taxi and pays the taxi driver.





I owe youLe debo
Mr. White
How much do I owe you?
Mr. White
¿Cuánto le debo?
Taxi Driver
It's four pesos.
Chofer de taxi
Son cuatro pesos.
Mr. White
At the hotel they told me it'd be two. (2)
Mr. White
En el hotel me dijeron que serĂ­an dos.
I'll give you three. One for a tip.Le doy tres. Uno de propina
Taxi driver
OK, Thanks, Sir
Chofer de taxi
Bueno, gracias, señor.

Mr. White comes into the office and goes to the administrative offices. He is taken to the area he is going to work where he is going to work and introduced to one of the young local employees with whom he is going to be associated.

Administrative assistant
Mr. Molina, this is Mr. White. (4)
Oficial administrativo
Señor Molina, éste es el Señor White.