/// Making Introductions in Spanish - Variation Drill

Listen & Repeat: Listen to the audios below while reading the text below. Then, try to repeat it out loud to yourself. Repeat as many times necessary until you can say the Spanish phrases fluidly with a clear pronunciation. Don't worry about any accent you may have. All non-native speakers learning Spanish have one. Just try to be clear and pronounce the words well.

Read, Listen & Repeat:

1. How much do I owe you?¿Cuánto le debo?
2. What do I owe you?¿Qué le debo?
3. What are you telling him?¿Qué le dice?
4. What did they tell him?¿Qué le dijeron?
5. When did they tell him?¿;Cuándo le dijeron?
6. Where did they tell him?¿Donde le dijeron?
7. How did they tell him?¿Como le dijeron?
8. How is he getting along?¿Como le va?

1. Here is three, one for a tip.Le doy tres, uno de propina.
2. Here are four, two for a tip.Le doy cuatro, dos de propina.
3. Here are twenty, ten for a tip.Le doy viente, diez de propina
4. Here are ten, five for a tip.Le doy diez, cinco de propina.
5. Here are eleven, one for a tip.Le doy once, uno de propina.
6. Here's a dollar and no tip.Le doy un dollar, nada de propina.
7. Here's this, that's for a tip.Le doy esto, eso de propina.
8. I'll give you this, not that.Le doy esto, eso no.

1. He's going to work with us.Va trabajar con nosotros.
2. He's going to work with you all.Va a trabajar con ustedes.
3. She's going to work here.Va a trabajar aqui.
4. She's going to speak Spanish.Va a hablar español.
5. He's going to learn English.Va a aprender ingles.
6. He's going to say something.Va a decir algo.
7. She's going to translate the name.Va a traducir el nombre.
8. You're going to be very busy.Va a estar muy ocupado.

1. Yes, I speak a little.Si, yo hablo un poco.
2. Yes, I speak a lot.Si, yo hablo mucho.
3. Yes, you speak more.Si, usted habla mas.
4. Yes, he speaks less.Si, el habla menos.
5. Yes, I have five dollars.Si, yo tengo cinco dolares.
6. Yes, you have fifteen.Si, usted tiene quince.
7. No, I don't have much.No, yo no tengo mucho.
8. No, I don't owe much.No, yo no debo mucho.

1. But you should practice your Spanish.Pero usted debe practicar el español.
2. But you ought to practice English.Pero usted debe practicar el Ingles.
3. But you ought to say something.Pero usted debe decir algo.
4. But you ought to take a taxi.Pero usted debe tomar un taxi.
5. But you ought to speak less.Pero usted debe hablar menos.
6. But you ought to speak more.Pero usted debe hablar mas.
7. But you ought to go to the Embassy.Pero usted debe ir a la Embajada.
8. But you ought to go up in the elevator.Pero usted debe subir en el ascensor.

1. Another thing, please don't call me Mr. Molina.Otra cosa, no me diga Sr. Molina.
2. Another thing, don't tell me that.otra cosa, no me diga eso.
3. Another thing, don't repeat that to me.Otra cos, no me repita eso.
4. Another thing, don't translate that for me.Otra cosa, no me traduzca eso.
5. Another thing, don't give me a tip.Otra cosa, no me de propina.
6. Another thing, don't pass me the book.Otra cosa, no me pase el libro.
7. Another thing, don't take me to the hotel.Otra cosa, no me lleve al hotel.
8. Another thing, don't take me to the Embassy.Otra cos, no me lleve a la Embajada.

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