/// Looking for an Apartment in Spanish - Notes

1.The /a/ a which appears in vemos a un amigo is not to be translated 'to' or in any of the several other possibilities for the translation of /a/. It only indicates that the direct object of the verb is personalized, that is, either is a person or is thought of as a person. It will be taken up in detail in Unit 10.

2.The Spanish word muebles is an example of a count noun (a noun that names items customarily measured by number) which is correlated with an English word 'furniture', an example of a mass noun (one that names items customarily measures by amount). Thus can be translated only in a roundabout way by saying 'a piece of furniture', since 'a furniture' is an impossible combination of 'a' directly preceeding a mass noun. On the other hand “furniture” can mean “mobiliario”, that is an incontable noun in Spanish, too. Further discussion and other examples will be pressented in Unit 58.

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