/// Spanish for Visiting a Friend- Notes

1.This expression, 'You are in my home', is paralleled by dozens of similar ones. Thus if you admire a man's car, he's likely to say, 'It's yours'. This is a polite formula, of course.

2.This expression is like many expressions referring to food combinations where in English two components are linked by and - whiskey and soda, bacon and eggs, chicken and rice - but in Spanish they are linked by con – “whisky con soda”, “huevos con tocino”, “arroz con pollo”.

3.The construction is an example of a very important grammatical process in Spanish and it is called 'nominalization'. Stated in simple terms 'nominalization' means the functioning as nouns by items which normally are not nouns. Thus , usually a special kind of adjective, in this construction functions as a noun is itself modified by the phrase . A literal translation of is very difficult to devise in English, but it implies 'the matter, the business, the idea previously mentioned'. Thus the construction is translated in a roundabout way as 'about your apartment'.

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