Medical Spanish Course

Help your Spanish-speaking patients more efficiently by understanding their language.

`Spanish for Medical Professionals course`

Improve your Spanish and help more patients

You know how much easier and more impactful your job as a medical professional could be if you were able to understand everything your Spanish-speaking patients say, and express yourself naturally in their language.

You'd be able to handle problems easier, more efficiently, and in turn help even more people.

Our experienced, certified tutors can help you become the effective professional you want to be around your Spanish-speaking patients, by giving you the language skills you need.

Gain advanced vocabulary specific to the medical environment, that you can't learn from any other regular language programs or group classes.

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Minimum student level requirement for this course: Intermediate
No credit card required


Communicate with patients in Spanish as naturally as you would in your native language.


Efficiently assist Spanish-speaking people in need of medical care when every minute counts.

Practical skill

Develop a practical skill that can advance your career and help you grow personally.

What's included?

The key benefits of the Spanish for Medical Professionals course.

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8 sessions of 60 minutes each with a native Spanish-speaking tutor specialized in teaching Spanish for Medical Professionals.

Intensive training in communication skills including listening and speaking. So you can provide the best care for your patients.

Practicing medical vocabulary and with personalized lesson activities, you will build up the language skills needed in your position.

Set the course schedule and take lessons when it suits you, 7 days a week.

Book your lessons as you go or collectively with no additional costs for materials or registration.

Best of all, you can get a taste of what the course will be like with your Spanish for Medical Professionals course teacher before starting your paid lessons!

"I have been using Live Lingua for the past few years to provide the staff at my medical practice with Spanish lessons to deal with all of our hispanic clients. The staff love it, and the clients love that all of our staff can now speak Spanish." Joanne Z. - Doctor

"My Spanish tutor is excellent at what she does and a joy to work with, she is a tribute to your staff. Because of her I will continue to purchase classes through your company and learn to speak Espanol. She is a true professional, dedicated, hard working and always available!" Paul L. - Medical Device Designer

How the course works

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1. Match

Meet your native Spanish-speaking teacher who understands the medical environment, in a free trial lesson.

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2. Book

Book your future lessons individually or collectively when it fits in with your schedule.

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3. Review

You and your tutor will go through the course curriculum and adapt it for your situation and needs.

Enjoy your Medical Spanish course

4. Learn

Come out of the course with all the skills and knowledge you need to help more people, more effectively as a medical professional.

Assist your Spanish-speaking patients more easily and efficiently

Minimum student level requirement for this course: Intermediate

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No credit card required