Spanish for Priests Course

Learn the Spanish you need to share your faith.

Spanish for priests course

Share your faith with more of the world

If you're on a mission to share your faith with more of the world, you can understand how helpful it would be to know the Spanish language.

Especially with the amount of Christian history still alive in Hispanic and Spanish cultures.

Get a deeper understanding of how faith is part of everyday life in Latin America or Spain. Use that understanding to be a more dynamic orator and truly connect with everyone you speak to.

Our experienced and certified tutors can help you become more proficient and make you feel as comfortable speaking Spanish as you do in your native language.

Build up your skills by adding advanced Spanish vocabulary specific to your faith, that you wouldn't learn from other regular language programs or group classes.

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Minimum student level requirement for this course: Intermediate
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Learn the Spanish you need to share your faith with the Hispanic or Spanish world:

Specific teachings

Talk about the Gospel and other teachings specific to your faith in Spanish without hesitation.

Progress in your mission

Share the spiritual teachings of the Gospel with more of the world and progress in your mission to introduce people to your faith.

Spanish culture

Connect with the Hispanic or Spanish community on a spiritual level by getting a deeper understanding of their culture.

Connect with more people

Become a better teacher so you can connect with everyone who hears your words.

What's included?

The key benefits of the Spanish for Priests course.

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5 sessions of 90 minutes each (7.5 Hours) with a native Spanish-speaking tutor specialized in teaching Spanish for Priests.

Intensive training in communication skills including listening and speaking. So you can explain the teachings of Christ to Spanish speakers.

Practice conversation specific to your faith and engage in personalized lesson activities to build the language skills you need.

Set the course schedule and take lessons when it suits you; 7 days a week.

Book your lessons as you go or collectively with no additional costs for materials or registration.

Best of all, you can get a taste of what the course will be like with your Spanish for Priests course teacher before starting your paid classes!

"If you ever want to improve your Spanish and travel around the world at the same time, this is the way to do it. I move to a new place every 1-2 years, and this way I can keep up my studies wherever I am." Celine T. - Teacher

"I live near the Mexico border and many of the people I work with are Spanish speakers. Live Lingua has not only helped me improve my Spanish, but also my understanding of the culture of Mexico." Amanda M.

How the course works

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2. Book

Book your future lessons individually or collectively when it fits in with your schedule.

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3. Review

You and your tutor will go through the course curriculum and adapt it for your situation and needs.

Enjoy your Spanish for priests course

4. Learn

Come out of the course with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a better teacher of your faith.

Learn the Spanish you need to share your faith with the Hispanic or Spanish communities today

Minimum student level requirement for this course: Intermediate

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