Spanish for Teachers Course

Feel comfortable speaking Spanish in front of your class.

Spanish for Teachers Course

As a Spanish teacher, you've got no easy task and a big responsibility

It's easy to feel like you can't make any mistakes when you're standing in front of your class. And the pressure goes up if you've lost some of your more advanced vocabulary.

How can you keep your Spanish level at high enough standard without the chance to practice the language day-in and day-out with native speakers?

In our Spanish for Teachers course you can finally ask all the questions you had about complex aspects of the language, to a certified native Spanish-speaking teacher.

You will be able to have pieces of Spanish text you've created checked over, along with anything else you need to help maintain or improve your level. You can even gain insights into how Latin American or Spanish schools work, or learn new engaging activities to add to your curriculum.

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Minimum student level requirement for this course: Intermediate
No credit card required

You won't just learn Spanish. You'll feel like a better teacher.

Answer questions

Feel comfortable and relaxed holding classes and answering any of your students' questions.

Advanced conversation

Regain vocabulary you've lost and update your skills by practicing advanced conversation live with a native Spanish speaker.

The learning process

Refresh your understanding of the learning process from the perspective of a student, to help you grow as an educator.


Keep your level of Spanish to the high standard you need by getting answers to any complex questions.

What's included?

The key benefits of the Spanish for Teachers course.

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5 sessions of 90 minutes each (7.5 hours) with a certified native Spanish-speaking tutor.

Actively develop your skills and improve your level by practicing conversation and going through Live Lingua learning materials.

Set the course schedule and take lessons when it suits you, 7 days a week.

Book your lessons as you go or collectively with no additional costs for materials or registration.

Best of all, you can get a taste of what the course will be like with your Spanish for Teachers course tutor before starting your paid classes!

"I was laid off and was having trouble finding work as a teacher. The only jobs that were open required that I speak Spanish. At that time I spoke none. I have now been with Live Lingua for 3 years, and 7 months into my job search my Spanish level was enough to get a job when many of my friends could not." Evelyn N. - Primary School Teacher

"I teach high school Spanish, but I sometimes don't feel comfortable enough with my spoken Spanish in the classes. But [my Spanish teacher] is great and now that I can speak with her twice a week, I feel much better in my classes as well. She has even given me some great ideas for activities to do with my students!" Claire S. - Spanish Teacher

How the course works

Get expertly matched

1. Match

Get matched with your native, qualified Spanish-speaking tutor in a free trial lesson.

Schedule future lessons

2. Book

Book your future lessons individually or collectively when it fits in with your schedule.

Take a free 30 min trial lessons

3. Review

You and your tutor will go through the course curriculum and adapt it for your situation and needs.

Enjoy your Spanish for teachers course

4. Learn

Come out of the course with all the skills and knowledge you need to feel comfortable holding engaging Spanish classes.

Regain your lost vocabulary and improve as a teacher today

Minimum student level requirement for this course: Intermediate

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No credit card required