Spanish for Tourists Course

Travel independently and open your world to new cultures.

Survival Spanish for Tourists course

You know that exploring & discovering a new country doesn't simply mean being there.

It's a totally different experience when you're not limited to only being able to speak with hotel staff and tour guides.

When you can truly communicate with locals, your entire world opens up to new opportunities and fascinating experiences. You feel secure, independent.

After years of teaching people traveling to Spanish speaking countries, we collected all our knowledge and created a course just for you. So you can go from zero or very basic Spanish, to being able to connect with anyone you meet, on a personal level.

The best part? Our Spanish tutors are not only native speakers, but they also live in the countries you want to travel to. Whether it's Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica or Peru, you can speak and connect with a local, even before you get there.

You'll not only learn to speak Spanish. You'll experience what a cultural exchange feels like, from the comfort of your home.

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Discover everything the country you're visiting has to offer and know exactly what's the proper thing to say or the proper way to speak to a local, at any moment.

Go beyond

Go beyond your simple travel necessities, connect with locals on a personal level and become the respectful traveller you've always wanted to be.

Get the full view

Get the full view of the culture you're immersing yourself in. Comfortably and naturally interact with native speaking people you meet along the way.

Feel part of the community

Feel part of the global community, deeply understand what issues and challenges locals go through on a daily basis.

What's included?

The key benefits of the Spanish for Tourists course.

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5 sessions of 90 minutes each (7.5 hours) with a native Spanish-speaking tutor specialized in teaching Spanish for traveling.

Intensive training in listening, speaking, discussing and explaining. Actively develop your skills and increase your vocabulary by practicing conversation and going through class materials.

Set the course schedule and take lessons when it suits you, 7 days a week.

Book your lessons as you go or collectively with no additional costs for materials or registration.

Best of all, get a taste of what the course will be like with your Spanish for Tourists course teacher before starting your paid lessons!

"I've been traveling around Latin America for the last few months. It was a great help to have my Spanish teacher available to answer any questions about regional phrases and customs as I traveled. I highly recommend Live Lingua." Jan E. - Travel Writer

"My Spanish Teacher has been great. I have been taking Spanish classes for 2 years now and I just took my first trip to Mexico and was able to talk to everybody." James L. - Lawyer

How the course works

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Get matched with your Spanish-speaking teacher living where you're traveling to, in a free trial lesson.

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2. Book

Book your future lessons individually or collectively when it fits in with your schedule.

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3. Review

You and your tutor will go through the course curriculum and adapt it for your situation and needs.

Enjoy your Survival Spanish course

4. Learn

Find a better understanding of another culture, so you can connect with more people around the world.

Feel like the secure and respectful traveller you want to be

Minimum student level requirement for this course: None

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