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Beatriz's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
9 Years
Beatriz has been teaching Spanish as a second language since 2011.
Languages Spoken
3 Languages
In addition to being a native Spanish speaker they also speak: English (Advanced), French (Intermediate)
6 Countries
She is an avid world traveler. She has visited or lived in the following countries: Germany, Slovenia, Marrakech, France, Italy, Belgium, England


Hello, my name is Beatriz and I am a native speaker of Spanish from Spain. I have degrees in Hispanic philology and pedagogy from the Universidad de la Laguna. I started teaching Spanish in 2011. I have taught students of all ages and levels from Germany, Slovenia, Morocco, France, Italy, Belgium and England.

I specialize in teaching classes for test preparation (DELE, ECELE), Spanish for tourism, Spanish for business, medical Spanish, Spanish for teachers and Spanish for priests. I offer customized classes to help you focus on your particular needs and interests.

I enjoy learning new things as well as hiking, kung fu, oil painting, reading the classics, travelling and being with my family.

I would love to help you with your Spanish! Please sign up for a trial lesson.

Her Current Time Zone is:
(GMT) Atlantic/Canary

She Can Teach These Specialized Courses:
DELE, ECELE, Custom Professional, Spanish for Tourists, Spanish for Business, Spanish for Medical, Spanish for Teachers, Spanish for Priests

She Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
Children, Adolescents, College, Adults, Seniors

I try to make my lessons interesting for the student, very dynamic and complete. I adapt my methods to the level and the goals of the student. The main thing is to obtain from the student the best that he can give of himself/ herself

I have studied Hispanic Philology and I have a degree as Pedagogy,also I studied group dynamics courses and about social interaction in the classroom.
I have studied Training for trainers and Translation and interpretation.

I enjoy hiking, being with family and learning new things

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