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Daisy's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
8 Years
Daisy has been teaching Spanish as a second language since 2012.
Languages Spoken
5 Languages
In addition to being a native Spanish speaker they also speak: Italian (Advanced), English (Intermediate-Advanced), French (Intermediate), Greek (Beginner)
5 Countries
She is an avid world traveler. She has visited or lived in the following countries: United States, Spain, Italy. France, Greece, Switzerland, Morocco.


Hello, my name is Daisy and I am a native speaker of Spanish from Mexico. I currently live in Greece. I have a degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro in teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages. I also have a master’s degree in European languages and cultures from the Universita di Bologna (Italy), Université de Haute-Alsace (France) and University of Thessaloniki (Greece).

I have been teaching Spanish to adolescents and adults since 2012 and I specialize in Spanish for tourism, Spanish for business and medical Spanish. I also give classes in Mexican cooking. I have taught students from the US, Canada, Belgium, England, Germany, Africa, and Australia.

Besides teaching, I love to travel, learn languages, read, write, dance, do yoga, and meet new people. Please contact me for a trial class!

She is originally from Mexico and currently resides in Greece.

Her Current Time Zone is:
(GMT +2:00) Europe/Athens

She Can Teach These Specialized Courses:
Spanish for Tourists, Spanish for Business, Spanish for Medical, Mexican Cooking Class

She Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
Adolescents, College, Adults

The most important thing in my classes are the necessities of my students. I adjust my teaching according to what the students need and their way of learning.
I usually like to teach by mixing grammar and communication. I want my students to speak the language in a real context, for that, I put them in true situations where they can use the knowledge acquired in class.
I also like to introduce Mexican culture to my students so they understand it. Therefore you will find in my classes a lot of opportunities not only to learn the language but the culture as well.


She loves to travel, learn languages, read, write, yoga, dance, and meet new people.

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