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Eva's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
19 Years
Eva has been teaching Spanish as a second language since 2000.
Languages Spoken
5 Languages
In addition to being a native Spanish speaker they also speak: Spanish (Native), English (Advanced), French (Advanced), German (Beginner)


¡Hola! I'm Eva Ibarra. I have been an online language teacher for 8 years. I teach Spanish and French in college. I also provide DELE training and I pride myself on helping students to have a 95% success rate.

I have a BA in Spanish Literature and a MA in Latin American Literature. I am currently studying a specialization in Translation. My areas of interest and research are Language Teaching, Translation, Literature and Gender Studies.

I have students from all over the world and I love to learn about their cultures and their lives, which has allowed me to develop different teaching methods and strategies. I provide customized lessons to meet each learner’s individual needs and goals.

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Her Current Time Zone is:
(GMT -6:00) America/Chicago

She Can Teach These Specialized Courses:
DELE, Custom Professional, Spanish for Tourists, Spanish for Teachers

She Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
College, Adults, Seniors

I use the trial lesson to get to know my student and to identify his/her areas of interest and style of learning. I believe in teaching with a Communicative Approach and I focus on developing the four language abilities as well: speaking, reading, listening and writing.

I always see myself as a learner and I think about the lesson I would like to have: a balance between fun and effective learning. I do believe learning a language should be fun, but also taken seriously. I want my students to make the most of their time during the online lesson, so I provide materials and (if requested) assignments beforehand, so during our time together, we can focus on speaking, answering questions and practically use the vocabulary/grammar.

I work with all kinds of students from all countries and backgrounds, my teaching methods are flexible. I also provide my own cultural experience to the lessons, which I believe is a personal and unique contribution to the learning process.

I have been a language teacher online since 2011 and a Spanish teacher for more than 15 years.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Literature and a Master’s degree in Latin American Literature. I am currently studying a specialization in Translation.

2014-Currently- I work as a French and Spanish teacher at the Universidad de Guanajuato, where I also teach a training course for the DELE certification exam.

2016-2018- I worked for CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) during their Summer Abroad Program in Mexico, where I was in charge of instructors training and curriculum as well as teaching
2016-2017- I worked in France for a year teaching Spanish as a Professor´s assistent.

2000-2012 I have worked in many schools and language institutes as a teacher, instructor coordinator and curriculum designer. I have designed textbooks for intensive Spanish courses.

I am constantly attending courses to learn new teaching techniques and technologies.

My areas of interest are Arts, Humanities, Science, Gender Studies, Translation and Politics. I am also a volunteer translator for NGO’s in different countries and for the UN program Online Volunteering.

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