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Gema's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
12 Years
Gema has been teaching Spanish as a second language since 2008.
Languages Spoken
3 Languages
In addition to being a native Spanish speaker they also speak: English (Intermediate), French (Intermediate)


Hello, my name is Gema and I am a native Spanish speaker from Sal Luis Potosí, México. I studied to become a language teacher and I have a master’s degree in didactics in foreign languages from the Universidad Tangamanga.

I have been a language teacher for more than eight years, teaching French, English and Spanish to international students. I have taught mostly adults from the US, Russia and Australia. I specialize in teaching test preparation (DELE), professional Spanish, Spanish for tourism and Spanish for teachers.

Besides teaching, I love to travel and to watch movies. I also swim and dance cumbia and salsa. I would love to offer you a trial lesson!

Her Current Time Zone is:
(GMT -6:00) America/Mexico_City

She Can Teach These Specialized Courses:
DELE, Custom Professional, Spanish for Tourists, Spanish for Teachers

She Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
Adolescents, College, Adults

She studied the language major in San Luis Potosi, and at the end she continued with her master's degree in didactics in foreign languages. It also has language certifications such as DELF B2 (French) and TOEFL

She likes to travel, to know different parts of Mexican culture, she also loves to dance, to go out with her friends and to watch movies, one of the things that she likes to do is to swim and enjoy nature.

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