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Javier's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
9 Years
Javier has been teaching Spanish as a second language since 2010.
Languages Spoken
2 Languages
In addition to being a native Spanish speaker they also speak: German (Basic)
5 Countries
He is an avid world traveler. He has visited or lived in the following countries: Japan, USA, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain.


Javier is a professional Spanish teacher, born in Cancun, Mexico. He has a university degree, with two specialties; one in Teaching Spanish to Foreigners and the other in Literature. He has been teaching Spanish full-time since 2010 and has taught students of all backgrounds (teenagers, college students, company's staff, etc). He has also worked as an English to Spanish translator.

His hobbies are related to his studies. Reading, finding new music and films and a new found love for long distance biking, when he's not trying new bread recipes and just spoiling his cat.

He is originally from Mexico and currently resides in Japan.

His Current Time Zone is:
(GMT +9:00) Asia/Tokyo

He Can Teach These Specialized Courses:
DELE, Spanish for Tourists, Spanish for Business, Spanish for Teachers, Spanish for Priests

He Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
Adolescents, College, Adults, Seniors

I have evolved slowly into introducing more structured to non-structured practice sequences in the last years. I have a certain love for lecturing on cultural and historical topics. I try to find a topic or topics that the student could find relatable and/or interesting, so they are more comfortable speaking out. Speaking, trying and failing is the only way to really learn a new language, as I am remembering myself while trying to learn Japanese.

Bachelor of Modern Languages, Latin American Literature and Spanish for Foreigners, Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro

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