Spanish -AR Verbs

In the Spanish language the verbs that end in the letters -ar are the most common. On this page you can learn the how to conjugate 422 Spanish -ar verbs in all the different Spanish tenses. Just scroll down to find the Spanish verb you want, and click on the tense to get started.

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Verb Definition
abandonar to abandon, leave behind, desert; to quit, give up
abordar to board, get on [plane, bus, etc.]; to approach, accost [a person]
abortar to abort, cause to miscarry; to have a miscarriage
abrazar to hug, embrace
abusar to go too far, take advantage
acabar to finish, end
acampar to camp, encamp, go camping
aceptar to accept, approve; to agree to
acercar to bring near[er], move [something] nearer
acercarse to approach
acompañar to accompany, go with, escort
aconsejar to advise
acordar to decide, resolve, agree [on]
acordarse to remember
acortar to shorten
acostar to put to bed
acostarse to go to bed, lie down
acostumbrar to be accustomed to, be in the habit of; to get
acostumbrarse to get used to, get accustomed to
actuar to act, perform, actuate, operate
adivinar to guess, fortell, prophesy; to guess correctly
admirar to admire, respect, look up to
adorar to adore, worship
adornar to adorn; to decorate, embellish; to garnish [food]
afeitar to shave
afeitarse to shave [oneself]
afirmar to make firm, steady, strengthen; to affirm, state, assert
agorar to predict, prophesy
agradar to please, be pleasing
aguantar to put up with, endure, bear, stand
ahorcar to hang
ahorrar to save
alcanzar to reach, catch, catch up to, catch up with
alegrar to make happy, cheer [up], gladden
alegrarse to be glad, happy; to become/get happy; to rejoice
alentar to encourage, cheer, inspire, bolster up
aliviar to alleviate, ease, lessen, lighthen, relieve
almorzar to lunch, eat lunch, have lunch
alquilar to rent; to rent out, let
amar to love
amenazar to threaten, menace
andar to walk, go
anhelar to be eager for/to, long for/to, yearn for/to
anunciar to announce
apagar to extinguish, put out, turn off
aplicar to apply
apostar to bet, wager
apoyar to support, hold up, prop up; to back
apreciar to appreciate, value, esteem, estimate, notice
apretar to be too tight; to squeeze; to tighten [up]; to press [down/against]
aprobar to pass
arreglar to arrange, settle, fix up, repair, tidy up
arrojar to throw, hurl, cast, toss
asociar to associate; to pool, put together
aspirar to breath in, inhale; to suck in; to aspirate; to aspire
asustar to frighten, scare, startle
asustarse to be frightened [oneself]
atacar to attack
atravesar to cross, cross over, go across, go over, pass through
aumentar to increase, add to, augment; to be on the increase, rise
avanzar to advance, move forward
averiguar to find out, discover
avisar to warn, inform, notify
ayudar to help
bailar d a n c e
bajar to lower, go down, descend, download
bañar to give a bath
bañarse to take a bath, bathe [oneself]
bautizar to baptize, christen
besar k i s s
bordar to embroider
borrar to erase, rub out, to cross out, obliterate, wipe out
brillar to shine, sparkle, glitter, gleam
brindar to toast
broncearse to get a suntan, tan
bucear to skin-dive; to dive under water; to dive
burlar to deceive, trick; to seduce
burlarse to mock, ridicule, make fun of [someone/something]
buscar to search for, look for
calcular to calculate, compute, add up
calentar to heat [up], warm [up]
calentarse to heat up, warm up
callar to keep quiet about, pass over in silence; to hush
callarse to keep quiet , be quiet, shut up, be silent, remain silent
calmar to calm (down), quiet, soothe
calmarse to calm down [oneself]
caminar to walk, go
cancelar to cancel; to wipe out, write off [debt]
cansar to tire, tire out, fatigue, wear out
cansarse to get tired, get worn out, get weary
caracterizar to characterize
cargar to load, load up; to charge
casar to marry, join in marriage, join in wedlock
casarse to marry [someone], get married [to someone]
castigar to punish, penalize, castigate
causar to cause; to create, make
cazar to hunt, represent, stand for
celebrar to celebrate; to praise, applaud
cenar to eat supper, have supper; to eat dinner, have dinner; to dine; to have for supper [or dinner]
censurar to censor; to censure, criticize, blame
cepillar to brush
cerrar to close, shut
cesar to cease, stop
charlar to chat, talk
chismear to gossip
chocar to shock; to startle; to be suprising, startling; to collide, crash
civilizar to civilize
clarificar to clarify, illuminate, light [up], brighten
clasificar to classify, grade, rate, sort
cobrar to charge [a price]; to cash [a check]; to collect, receive [an amount]
cocinar to cook; to do the cooking
colgar to hang, hang up, be hanging, be suspended
colocar to locate, place
colonizar to colonize, settle
comenzar to begin, start, commence
comprar to buy, purchase
comunicar to communicate, transmit, tell, pass on
comunicarse to communicate [e.g., with someone], be in touch, correspond; to be transmitted
condenar to condemn, convict, sentence
confesar to confess
confiar to trust, be trusting, entrust
confirmar to confirm, corroborate, endorse
confiscar to confiscate
conjugar to conjugate
conquistar to conquer, overcome, win
conservar to preserve, conserve; to keep, retain
contaminar to contaminate, pollute; to corrupt
contar to count, relate, tell
contestar to answer
continuar to continue
controlar to control; to inspect, check
conversar to talk, converse; to tell, relate
convidar to invite
copiar to copy
cortar to cut
costar to cost
crear to create; to make
criar to raise
criarse to grow [up]; to be brought up
criticar to criticize
crucificar to crucify
cruzar to cross
cuidar to take care of, look after
culpar to blame, accuse; to condemn
cultivar to cultivate; to grow
curar to cure; to treat, dress [a wound]
dar to give
declarar to declare, state; to bid [in cards]
decorar to decorate, adorn
dedicar to dedicate
dedicarse to devote oneself, dedicate oneself, go in for, take up [carrer/interest in something]
dejar to leave, abandon; to let, allow
demostrar to demonstrate, show
depositar to deposit; to place; to put away, store
desagradar to displease, be displeasing
desarrollar to develop, expand; to unroll, unwind; to unfold
desarrollarse to develop, evolve; to unwind
desayunar to eat breakfast, have breakfast
descansar to rest, take a rest; to support, lean [on
desear to desire, want, wish
despertar to awaken
despertarse to wake up
detestar to detest, hate
devorar to devour, eat up, gobble up
dibujar to draw, sketch, depict
diseñar to design
disfrutar to enjoy
disgustar to displease, be displeasing; to annoy, upset
divorciar to divorce
divorciarse to get divorced [from somebody]
doblar to double; to turn [a corner, to the right, etc.]; to fold, crease
duchar to douche
ducharse to take a shower, shower [oneself]
dudar to doubt
durar to last, go on, continue
echar to throw, cast, fling, hurl, pitch, toss
echarse to throw, fling, hurl [oneself]
educar to educate; to bring up
efectuar to effect, carry out, bring about
eliminar to eliminate, remove, get rid of
emborrachar to make drunk, intoxicate; to get [someone] drunk
emborracharse to get drunk, become drunk
emigrar to emigrate; to migrate
empezar to begin, start
emplear to employ, hire; to use
enamorar to inspire love in, win the love of
enamorarse to fall in love
encantar to delight, be delighting, charm, enchant
encontrar to find, encounter
enfadar to anger, irritate, annoy
enfadarse to get angry, get irratated, get annoyed
enfermar to make ill, make sick, cause illness in
enfermarse to get sick, become ill, fall ill. become sick
engañar to deceive, cheat, trick, swindle
enojar to anger, upset, annoy; to make angry
enojarse to get angry, get upset, lose one's temper
enseñar to teach, instruct, train, educate
ensuciar to dirty
enterarse to find out [about something], to learn [of something])
entrar to enter, go in, come in
entregar to deliver, hand over
entrevistar to interview
entusiasmar to excite; to fill with excitement [or enthusiasm]
entusiasmarse to get excited, become excited [filled with excitement or enthusiasm]
enviar to send
equivocar to mistake
equivocarse to make a mistake
errar to err, make an error
escuchar to listen to, hear
esperar t o hope
esquiar to ski
estar to be
estimar to estimate; to appraise; to esteem, respect
estudiar to study
evacuar to evacuate, empty
evitar to avoid; to prevent
explicar to explain
explorar to explore; to pioneer
explotar to exploit; to explode
exportar to export
expresar to express, voice, state
fabricar to manufacture
faltar to lack, be lacking, be missing, be absent
fascinar to fascinate, captivate
felicitar to congratulate
fijar to fix, fasten, secure
firmar to sign
formar to form, shape, fashion, make
fumar to smoke
funcionar to function; to run, work
ganar to win, gain, earn, get, acquire
gastar to spend, expend; to use up, consume; to wear away, wear down
generalizar to generalize
glorificar to glorify, praise
gobernar to govern
graduar to graduate
graduarse to graduate
gritar to shout, yell, scream, cry out
guardar to guard, watch over, protect, take care of; to keep, hold on to; to put away, store away
guiar to guide
gustar to please, be pleasing
hablar to speak
hallar to find; to discover; to locate; to find out
hallarse to be, to find oneself; to be located, found
helar to freeze, to congeal, to chill
heredar to inherit
ilustrar to illustrate, explain, make clear
importar to import
indicar to indicate
informar to inform, tell, announce
iniciar to initiate, begin, start
inmigrar to immigrate
instalar to install; to set up, erect
insultar to insult
intentar to try, attempt
interesar to interest, be of interest [to]
interpretar to interpret; to translate
inventar to invent
investigar to investigate
invitar to invite
invocar to invoke
jactarse to boast, brag
jugar to play
juntar to join, unite, put together, assemble
juntarse to join, come together, gather together, meet
jurar to swear
ladrar to bark
lamentar to lament, regret, feel sorry about
lanzar to throw, hurl, cast, fling
lastimar to hurt, injure, harm; to pity; to move to pity
lavar to wash
lavarse to wash [oneself], to wash up
legalizar to legalize, make lawful
levantar to raise, to lift
levantarse to get up
limpiar to clean
llamar to call, to name
llamarse to be called, be named
llegar to arrive, come, reach; to bring up, bring over; to gather together
llenar to fill; to fulfill
llevar to carry, bring
llorar to cry, weep; to weep for/about, cry about, lament
lograr to get, obtain; to achieve, attain
luchar to fight, struggle; to wrestle
madurar to mature; to ripen
mandar to order
manejar to drive
maquillar to put make-up on
maquillarse to put on make-up [on oneself]
marcar to mark, stamp, to show, indicate; to dial [e.g., a phone]
masticar to chew
matar to kill, slay, slaughter
matricular to register
matricularse to register, enroll, matriculate [oneself]
merendar to have a[n afternoon] snack, have as a snack
mezclar to mix, mix up, mix together, blend; to combine, merge, shuffle
mirar to watch, look at
modificar to modify, change
molestar to bother, annoy, inconovenience, put out, upset
montar to mount, to get on, to ride
mostrar to show
mudarse to move [=change residence]
nadar to swim
navegar to navigate, sail
necesitar to need, require
negar to deny, refuse
negarse to refuse
negociar to negotiate
nevar to snow
notar to note, notice, observe
obligar to oblige
odiar to hate
olvidar to forget
olvidarse to forget
organizar to organize
pagar to pay, pay for
parar to stop, halt
participar to participate, take part in; to share in; to inform, notify
pasar to pass, pass by, go; to pass on, hand; to spend [time]; to happen
patinar to skate; to slide, skid
pegar to stick, glue, hit
peinar to comb
peinarse to comb one's hair; to do one's hair
pelear to fight; to brawl, scruffle
pensar to think
perdonar to forgive, pardon, excuse
pesar to weigh; to weigh down, weigh heavily;
pescar to fish
picar to prick, puncture, perforate; to sting, bite
pintar to paint
planchar to iron, press; to do the ironing
plantar to plant
platicar to chat, talk
practicar to practice
preguntar to ask, inquire
preguntarse to wonder, ask oneself
preparar to prepare, get
prepararse to get
presentar t o i n t r o d u c e
preservar to preserve, protect
probar to taste, try, test
protestar to protest
provocar to provoke
publicar to publish
purificar to purify
quebrar to break, smash; to fail, go bankrupt
quebrarse to break, smash, get broken
quedar to stay, remain, be left; to be [indicating location]
quedarse to stay [behind], remain [behind]
quejarse to complain
quemar to burn [up], set on fire, scald, scorch; to be burning hot
quemarse to burn [oneself], to burn up, burn down
realizar to achieve, attain, accomplish, realize
rechazar to reject; to push back, repel
reciclar to recycle; to retrain [a person]
recomendar to recommend
recordar to remember, remind
regalar to give [as a gift]; to present; to give away; to treat royally, pamper
regar to water, irrigate, wash, sprinkle, spray
regatear to haggle (over), bargain (over)
registrar to register, record; to search
registrarse to register [oneself]
regresar to return, go back
regular to regulate, adjust, control
rehusar to refuse
reinar to reign, rule
renovar to renew; to renovate
renunciar to renounce, surrender, resign
reparar to repair, mend, restore
repasar to review, go over again; to do again
replicar to reply, answer back
reportar to bring, carry; to obtain; to report, inform; to denounce, accuse
reservar to reserve; to keep, keep in reserve
respetar to respect
respirar to breathe, breathe in, inhale
resultar to turn out (to be), prove [to be], ensue
revelar to reveal, disclose; to develop [film]
rezar to pray
robar to rob, steal, burgle, break into
rogar to plead, beg, ask for
sacar to take out, stick out
sacrificar to sacrifice
saltar to jump, leap; to jump over, leap over; to omit, skip, leave out
saludar to greet, salute, hail, welcome
salvar to save, rescue; to except, exclude
satirizar to satirize
secar to dry, dry up, dry off, wipe dry
secarse to dry, dry off, dry up
señalar to point out, point to, indicate; to signal; to mark
sentar to seat, sit
sentarse to sit down, seat oneself
significar to signify, mean
simbolizar to symbolize, represent, stand for
situar to place, put, situate
sonar to dream
sonar to sound; to ring
soportar to support, hold up, bear; to put up with, tolerate
suspirar to sigh
tapar to cover; to put the lid on, put the cap on, put the stopper in
tardar to delay, take a long time, be long, be slow [in doing something]
terminar to finish, end
tirar to throw, hurl; to shoot, fire; to throw away; to pull [out]
tocar to touch; to play
tomar to take, drink
trabajar to work
tragar to swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up with
tratar to treat, handle
triunfar to triumph, win
tropezar to trip, stumble, slip up
ubicar to place, locate; to be located, be situated
untar to anoint; to smear, rub
usar to use
utilizar to use, utilize
vaciar to empty
variar to vary
verificar to verify, check, inspect
viajar to travel, journey
violar to violate; to rape
visitar to visit
volar to fly
vomitar to vomit, throw up, bring up
votar to vote

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