Spanish -ER Verbs

In the Spanish language the verbs that end in the letters -er are very common. On this page you can learn the how to conjugate 106 Spanish -er verbs in all the different Spanish tenses. Just scroll down to find the Spanish verb you want, and click on the tense to get started.

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Verb Definition
acontecer to happen, occur, come about
agradecer to be thankful for
amanecer to dawn
aparecer to appear
aprender to learn
atender to attend to, pay attention to
atraer to attract, draw, lure
atreverse to dare
barrer to sweep, sweep clean, sweep out, sweep away
beber to drink
caber to fit
caer to fall
coger to catch, grasp, take hold of
comer to eat
componer to compose, make up, put together
comprender to understand, comprehend
conocer to know
contener to contain, hold
convencer to convince
correr to run
coser to sew, sew up; to stitch, stitch up
crecer to grow [up]
creer to believe
deber to owe; must, should, ought to
defender to defend
depender to depend
desagradecer to be unthankful for, to be unappreciative of
desaparecer to disappear
descender to descend, lower
deshacer to undo, unmake, ruin, spoil, take apart
detener to stop; to hold up, delay; to arrest, detain
detenerse to stop, pause, linger
devolver to return, give back
doler to hurt, pain, ache
ejercer to exercise, wield [power, influence, etc.]; to practice [a profession]; to manage, conduct [a businsess]
encender to burn, light, turn on
enflaquecer to make thin, make weak, weaken
enflaquecerse to get thin; lose weight; to grow weak
enriquecer to enrich, make rich
enriquecerse to get rich
entender to understand
entretener to entertain, amuse
envejecer to age, make old, grow old, get old
envejecerse to get old, age
escoger to choose, select, pick
esconder to hide, conceal
esconderse to hide [oneself], be hidden
establecer to establish
exponer to expose
extender to extend
florecer to flourish, flower, bloom
fortalecer to fortify, strenthen
hacer to do, make
leer to read
llover to rain
mantener to maintain, get
merecer to deserve, merit
meter to put [in], place, insert
mover to move
moverse to move [oneself]
nacer to be born
obedecer to obey
obtener to obtain, get
ofender to offend
ofrecer to offer
oler to smell
oponer to pit [A against B], set up [A in opposition to B], play off [A against B]
oponerse to put on [clothing]; to put/place [oneself]; to turn/get/become
padecer to suffer
parecer to seem, appear
perder to lose
permanecer to stay, remain
pertenecer to belong, pertain
poder to be able, can
poner to put, place, set
ponerse to put on [clothing]; to put/place [oneself]; to turn/get/become
prever to foresee, anticipate, envisage, visualize
prometer to promise
proponer to propose
proteger to protect
querer to want, love
recoger to pick up
reconocer to recognize
renacer to be reborn
resolver to solve, resolve
responder to respond, answer, reply to
romper to break
saber to know
satisfacer to satisfy
ser to be
soler to be accustomed to, be accustomed to
sorprender to surprise, take by surprise, startle, amaze
suceder to happen; to succeed, follow
suponer to suppose
tañer to play
temer to fear
tener to have
torcer to twist, bend, warp, wring, sprain
toser to cough
traer to bring; to get, fetch; to carry
valer to be worth
vencer to conquer, defeat, beat, overcome, win; to expire, cease to apply
vender to sell
ver to see
volver to return, go back
yacer to lie

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