Connect with another culture


Connect with people in another culture and no longer be boxed in to just knowing one language.

Get to know your teacher


Improve your relationships with Spanish speakers you work with by communicating in their language.

Practice speaking Spanish


Practice speaking Spanish to brush up on the language and update your skills.

Spanish for Tourists course

Spanish for Tourists

When you're an avid traveller and can speak Spanish comfortably, you become independent. You are not held back by only being able to talk to tour guides and English-speaking hotel personnel anymore.

Get a better view of other cultures by communicating with locals and understanding them on a personal level. Start your Spanish for Tourists course today.

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Spanish for Business course

Spanish for Business

Increase your vocabulary so you can communicate important issues to Spanish-speakers at work and engage them directly.

Being able to understand everything people you work with are saying, means you can address them more effectively. Add another skill to your resume by enrolling in your Spanish for Business course today.

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Spanish for Teachers course

Spanish for Teachers

As a Spanish teacher you might need to brush up on your Spanish to regain your lost vocabulary or to refresh what you already know.

You can practice with a native speaker and update your skills by starting your Spanish for Teachers course today.

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Spanish for Medical Professionals course

Spanish for Medical Professionals

Learn or improve the vocabulary relevant to your role so you're able to communicate in Spanish with people in a medical environment.

Start your Medical Professional course today and get the skills you need to do your job effectively.

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Spanish for Priests course

Spanish for Priests

Get the opportunity to share your knowledge of Christ with the Spanish-speaking world and connect with more people.

You can practice reading the Christian teachings live with a native tutor, who will be able to give you insights into how faith is rooted in daily life in their Spanish-speaking country. Start your Spanish for Priests course today.

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"I live near the Mexico border and many of the people I work with are Spanish speakers. Live Lingua has not only helped improve my Spanish, but also my understanding of the culture of Mexico." Amanda M. - Fashion Designer

"My Spanish Teacher has been great. I have been taking Spanish classes for 2 years now and I just took my first trip to Mexico and was able to talk to everybody." James L. - Lawyer

Our goal is to immerse you in the language so you can become comfortable speaking it - in any situation.

That's why we've developed our specialized courses. To allow you to improve your Spanish language skills in the area that matters most to you. Let our expert tutors help you with these targeted courses.

Not yet ready for a course?

You can still learn Spanish from a certified tutor.