Alex is from Ukraine, and was born in a small town with a big family. He started learning computer science when he was a just teenager.

I was born and raised in Ukraine in a small town with a big family (I have three siblings). I started learning computer science when I was a teenager.

I didn't have a good Internet connection until I had grown up and got my first job in a factory and had my own money.

After a few years of hard work and study I finally got a job where I could do what I love, programming.

The first thing that inspires me is when I can see that something I've created works and benefits people. This always brings me joy.

Second, I like to learn new things and work provides me with the chance to do so.

Also my dream is a world where all the boring stuff is automated by computers and people don't have to waste time doing it. That’s what I live for.

I used to sing in a school chorus so I think I could be a great singer

I'm too lazy to do 5 minute-long routine tasks, I prefer spending hours to automate it instead

I love to play heavy metal and classic rock on the guitar even though it bores most people.

The Lion could not be the king of the Jungle because he lives in the Savannah.

Favorite Pasttime: Travelling: My greatest dream is to make a round-the-world trip.

Favorite Interest: music, modern technologies and science

Favorite Game: Chess. Once I created a chess game with an AI that was smarter than me :)

Played the piano when he was a kid

In addition to English, I speak Ukrainian and Russian fluently. Also I speak C++ a little, JavaScript and PHP :)

Has a Cat named Bagel

Has played over 1,100 hours in Counter-Strike