Emmanuel was born in Kano Nigeria, he had dreams to be a Scientist like Dexter, Building a plane like Stuart Little and in the later years being a Neurosurgeon like Ben Carson.

For the first time, he left home as a wide-eyed 17-year-old boy to go across the world to become the doctor he dreamed of and six years later he was a medical graduate with yet another dream to become a developer.

Today he has found a home across the globe and is taking it one day at a time and doing his best to live the world better than he found it.

Family. I love my family and pull inspiration from my parents to create a fulfiling future for my family as they did for my siblings and me.

Self Educations. At a long age, I realized it took me some time to pick things up and learn as others do, so I thought myself to do things before they need to learn things arose.

A Green thumb. I have planted trees in all homes I lived in during the duration of my childhood, today the fruits are harvested and enjoyed by friends and family.

Learning. I might not be the smartest in the group nor the sharpest tool in the box but I'll sure put up a fight to learn as well as all the rest.

He completed a 6 year General Medicine Degree.

He still has most of his Milk teeth (Oligodontia).

Favorite Food: Stewed Chicken and Jollof Rice

Favorite Sports Activity: Basketball & Lawn Tennis

Favorite Pet: Jack (My childhood Dog)

Favorite Place: Home

He has 4+ years of experience developer.

He speaks 4 languages and wants to learn more.