Who is Frida Blakney?

Frida's Random Statistics

Work Experience
11 Years
Languages Spoken
# If Toys Owned
47+ and growing
Ideal Hours of Sleep Per Night
29 Hours

Connect With Frida

Frida Blakney

Morale Officer & Mascot

Frida was thought to have been born in Querétaro, Mexico even though her exact birth certificate has never been found. She was home schooled and has certifications as a helper dog and to run dog obstacle courses. Through years of campaigning, Frida is responsible for making the Live Lingua offices an animal friendly office.

Frida was found on the street sick at 3 months of age just a few blocks from the offices and adopted by Live Lingua. After a difficult battle she won against parvo virus she took her place as a full time staff member of Live Lingua. She is one of the hardest workers in the Live Lingua staff. Her responsibilities include greeting all visitors to the office, cleaning any pieces of food that may have "accidently" fallen off of the staff's desks and making sure the couches in the staff rec room are kept warm.

In her free time, Frida likes to chase the dirtiest tennis ball and frisbee that she can find. She also can be seen regularly playing with local children both in the parks and at charity functions where she keeps kids with disabilities company. When not hard at "work" she can also be found sleeping with the remains of her favorite toy, Mr. Rope.

What Inspires Frida To Work?

Having Fun.

What else is there to life. I wake up every morning ready to play and have fun with those around me. My primary job here at Live Lingua is to make sure all the staff here at the office feel like they are having fun, after all life is too short to do something all day that is not fun. The tasks I do change each day but generally it involves bringing balls to people at their desks so they can throw it, or bringing a rope so they can play tug a war with me.

Having fun also means that we have to be healthy. I like to think I help the staff with this as well. Not only do they burn calories by chasing me around the office I also "help" them by sneaking into their lunch bags and stealing the unhealthy food they have in there (whether they ask me to or not)! I love my job and am inspired every day to come to the office.

What Are Some Of Frida's Hidden Talents?

Super Fast Tail Wag. All dogs wag their tails, but I can do it so fast it pretty much disappears. And if you happen to get in the way of my tail while it is wagging you may end up with a bruised leg!

Acrobatic Ball Catching. I have photos to prove it. I can catch a ball that somebody throws me from far away. Sometimes I have to do acrobatic jumps and flips to catch it... but for me that is no problem.

Ability To Sleep Anywhere. Comfort is secondary. I can sleep in any position in almost any place. It does not even matter if somebody else is in that spot when I get there. I just sleep on top of them.

What Are Some Of Frida's Weaknesses?

Can't Smell. I know what you are asking. "You're a dog, all dogs can smell!". Well, for me it is not true. Ask Ray and Laura. I can run right by a ball I am looking for in the park and not smell it. I like to look with my eyes... but I also have awful eye sight.

I hate fireworks. But not the kind that fly in the sky and explodes. Those don't bother me. I hate those ones that kids light and they make a loud exploding noise. I always start trembling when I hear those.

I never clean up after myself. I know I should, but I just can't be bothered. After spending an afternoon I destroying a new box, I just leave the pieces where they fall. When I get bored of a ball I just let it drop. Sorry, I can't help it.

What Do People Not Know About Frida?

I hate vegetables. Now this may come as a surprise to people who know me since it seems like I eat everything... and I mean everything. I eat dirt, cardboard boxes, stones and pretty much anything I can get in my mouth. But vegetables is where I draw the line. Those are just awful. Especially broccoli!

Favorite Color: Food

Favorite Food: Food

Favorite Strange Food: Food with more food

Favorite Drink: Food

Favorite Animal: Anything but cats

Favorite Shows: Dog Whisperer

Favorite Exercise: Chasing the ball

Favorite Pastime Chasing the ball