Who is Gwen Groeneveld?

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9 Years
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Connect With Gwen

Gwen Groeneveld

Executive Assistant

Gwen is a cultural mystery. She was born and raised in the cloudy Netherlands, has been in and out of sunny Mexico for the past ten years, and comes across as an American.

She’s worked as an English Teacher and Bartender most of her college years, until she graduated from her Master’s in Language & Communication Studies. While travelling the globe for a few years she grew a particular interest in Mexico. With a love for Mexico’s culture and its enjoyable spirits she gained her work experience at Tequila Los Pilones. Mexico has now won her over completely, where she now resides and uses mostly her computer for work.

She also loves to work on her tan, while surfing overhead sized waves and dodging sea turtles. It’s a good thing she’s all over the place, because as the executive assistant to Ray and Laura she keeps everyone’s important projects organized and on track.

What Inspires Gwen To Work?

Freedom and Skills.

I’ve always been a hard worker, driven and ambitious. I’ve had a few jobs that were tedious and not very fulfilling, but the hardest part of those jobs was being trapped in an office or bound by office hours and sometimes the constant pressure of work not allowing for more than 2 days off. What kept me going? The idea that I have the skillset to complete the tasks and that I’m good at it. The perfect job: working remotely and having your work appreciated.

What is Gwen's Hidden Talent?

Cooking & Gardening: I make two of Mexico’s most advanced dishes: Chile en Nogada & Pozole. My next dish will be Mole Poblano.

What is Gwen's not so hidden weakness?

I always ask uncomfortable questions, and I’m not aware of doing so. It’s a hit or miss with people. Thank goodness dogs don’t care.

What Do People Not Know About Gwen?

I love random trivia, especially about language origins.

Favorite Food: Anything that comes out of the ocean and preferably raw: Aguachile (raw shrimp); Ceviche (raw fish); Oysters; Scallops; Snails; Octopus… and yes Sushi….

Favorite Weird combinations: Tomato & Clam juice + lime + worchestershire sauce + chili + beer = Michelada

Favorite Place: Coastal area of Michoacan, Mexico

Favorite Movie: Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

Favorite Animal: Big dogs that like to swim