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Hector Lozano

National Sales Director - Mexico

I am Hector Lozano, youngest of three brothers and I am originally from Mexico City. I studied Industrial Management with a Master in Business. I have a beautiful family, have been married for 20 years and am blessed with a 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son. I am an american football coach for childrens categories. I love to get the best out of people through discipline and teamwork, I like fishing and outdoor activities.

In my position as National Director Sales, I am responsible for the identification of target clients through market studies and analysis, telephone prospection, high impact digital presentations, detection of needs, management presentations as well as custom budgeting for each client and sales closures.

In the after-sales service my job is to generate a close relationship with each client, continuously monitoring their satisfaction and giving continuous feedback to address the areas of opportunity in the service.

Development of sub-distributors in all the cities of the country, counting on continuous training, goal setting, incentives and human development through virtual meetings.

What Inspires Hector To Work?

My Dreams.

My dreams often inspire me, they help me define my aspirations and guide me to help fulfill my goals.

What is Hector's Hidden Talent?

Speaking in Public

What is Hector's not so hidden weakness?

Distracted very easily.

What Do People Not Know About Hector?

Hector lost his older brother at the age of 11.

Favorite Food: Mole de olla

Favorite Place: The Mayan Riviera

Favorite Movie: The pursuit of happiness

Favorite Music: Music from the 80's