Ihor was born in the mid-20th century somewhere in the Ukrainian grasslands. His parents were railway workers and at that time they lived in a railway wagon and moved from place to place, along with their crew.

For Ihor, always having a new area to explore became his passion and this remains the case today.

After working as an aviation engineer for almost 20 years, Ihor started a career as a web developer. It began in the form of a very basic website for his wife, his talent grew and this is now his new passion.

Learning. I like understanding new things, and obtaining new skills.

Reading. I always read books, it doesn’t matter where I am: in gym on treadmill, on public transport or a queue at the bank…

Dancing. Yeah, it is still very hidden. My cha-cha teacher works hard to reveal it a little bit of my talent.

No weaknesses. Some call me 5th element. Maybe… Ah, no that is not a weakness either.

I have about 100 hours of flight time as a pilot under my belt. The childhood dream has come true.

Favorite Food: Borsch

Favorite Sports Activity: Badminton

Favorite Pet: Agrippina (she is a cat)

Favorite Place: Sofa

He has 12 years of experience as a web developer.

He speaks 5 languages and wants to learn more.

He used to work as an aviation engineer in Africa.

He has 27 teeth. Ask him the story behind that.