Irais was born and raised in a small town in the state of Hidalgo called Huichapan. At the age of 18 she moved to the city of Querétaro, something rare for Mexican families. She went to college to study for a degree in modern languages in Spanish.

After college, she has worked as a Spanish teacher, has had other jobs, but always prefers classes with foreigners. She likes to learn about customs and traditions of other countries, she says that having classes with students from all over the world is like traveling to other cities without leaving home.

Now she lives with her husband in Aguascalientes, a very nice and quiet city where she likes to walk through the downtown streets. She is also exploring the tourist sites in her new state.

There are several things that inspire Irais. One is to keep learning things that make her grow as a person.

Another inspiration is her students, she likes to see her students' progress in each class and it motivates her to keep up with them. She likes it when her students exceed their own goals.

Cooking. Living independently for many years, she had the need to cook. She is not a professional chef of typical Mexican food, she has never cooked mole (not the animal, it's a sauce made with chocolate and spices), or even pozole or rice, but the experiments she does in the kitchen are very tasty and usually successful with her friends and family.

Driving is one of her weaknesses. She learned to drive at age 12, but was too young to do so legally. And thankfully her parents would not lend her their car…

One of her old jobs required her to drive, so there she went back to take driving lessons. Now that she lives in a quieter city, she's getting back behind the wheel, although it's not one of her strengths.

One of Irais' favorite family stories is that in the State of Hidalgo there is a town in the mountains where there used to be several silver mines, in this town there is a statue of a miner. The family says that it was Irais' grandfather who posed for the sculpture.

Favorite Color('s): Green and blue. She does not like pink.

Favorite Drink: Piña colada

Favorite Sport: None, but she is passionate about puzzles.

Favorite Place: Mexican Caribbean

He has 4+ years of experience developer.

He speaks 4 languages and wants to learn more.

He completed a 6 year General Medicine Degree.

He still has most of his Milk teeth (Oligodontia).