Laura was born in Pachuca, a city famous for it's pasties, mining, and soccer. Since neither of them interested her, she went to study at the university in Guanajuato. There she began teaching Spanish in small schools while she finished college and played theater.

Since that was a small city, in 2000 she moved to Querétaro to have new challenges and experiences, and, of course, to start working with Live Lingua.

Her work is inspired by the idea that learning a language is building a bridge between cultures.

Theater actress, very active during her 20's.

Performer dancer of the FCBD, a belly dance style.

Wheels make her nervous: driving cars, skating and riding a bike are not for her.

She doesn't have a good photographic memory for faces, she can walk past a neighbor and not recognize him/her.

She is certified to be a yoga teacher

She has three cats and one dog. They are all rescued, and the habit of adopting rescued animals comes from her father.

Favorite Food: Sushi and Pizza

Favorite Music: Latin rock and hip hop - Los Fabulsoso Cadillacs y Ana Tijoux, and Goran Bregovic.

Favorite Latin American Writers: Julio Cortazar, Augusto Monterroso and Eduardo Galeano.

Favorite Poets: Alejandra Pizarnik, Mario Benedetti and Jaime Sabines.

She has dyslexia, which makes it difficult for her to learn languages ​​and numbers.

She doesn't enjoy comedy movies at all.