Belen was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At 16 years old she started teaching as a volunteer teacher in disadvantaged neighborhoods. There she discovered her passion for teaching. After high school, she studied for a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and won a Scholarship to study modern philosophy in Trieste, Italy. After graduating, she becomes a high school teacher, philosophy researcher, and university professor at the Universidad del Salvador. She taught Sociology and Philosophy until 2018 when she decided to move to Australia to live new experiences. In that year she studied a specialization in Spanish as a second language and start working as a Spanish teacher online.

After almost 2 years she decided to move back to Buenos Aires, with her family and friends and has since been working as a full-time online teacher whilst at the same time studying for a postgraduate degree in Education and new technologies.

She has now taken on the role of Student Advisor with Live Lingua.


She is a very curious person and wants to learn about everything: other languages, other cultures, other ways of thinking, and especially new foods and recipes.

Foucault, it’s a french philosopher, and he has a famous phrase that say: “Knowledge is power”, but she changed his expression and created her own “knowledge-empowered people and give them new opportunities” and that is her new motivation: encourage people to learn new things and make the process of learning fun and accessible for all people who wants to learn. She hopes students can “feel” the power of knowledge and encourage them to experience new things.

DIY painting. Belen paints and transforms everything she can because black and white it's boring for her (hair, cups, clothes, furniture, even the floor of her house).

Writes too many lists (to-do list, places to visit, shopping list, movies list that she never sees)

My Friends call me “mother of Cactus” (because on my small balcony I have like 20 small cactuses)

Books: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, historic novels, and travel books.

Series: Game of Thrones, The big bang theory, Modern Family, Black Mirror

Music: everything, but depends on her mood (from classic music to salsa, to tango or rap).

Favorite animal: Carpincho (or capibara)

Needs to drink 3 liters of mate every day (it’s a traditional hot tea from Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay).

Needs to use at least one “rainbow” color in my outfits, otherwise, I feel "too serious".

Spanish (native), English (intermediate/advanced) and Italian (intermediate/advanced). I can read Latin, Greek, and Portuguese (but I can’t speak it)

Traveled around the world for 8 months and visited 5 continents (one whilst backpacking).