Who is Matthew Houtsma?

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9 Years
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Matthew Houtsma

HR Manager

Matthew is from Chicago, Illinois, USA where he lived and worked as a listed equities trader in the financial industry for 30 years. After retiring from the trading desk, he, his wife and their dog, Phoebe McBean, moved to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Five years later, while vacationing in Barcelona, Spain they fell in love with the people, the climate and the food and relocated. They like to explore the city and all it has to offer in terms of food, history and entertainment.

At Live Lingua, Matthew covers all things HR. Recruitment, training, support and any way he can put his wealth of teaching experience and knowledge to use in making Live Lingua's Teachers the best around.

What Inspires Matthew To Work?

People's Stories.

Matt is fascinated by the stories people have to tell about their lives, home countries and experiences. As a trader he talked to over one hundred people every day in the course of conducting business.

What is Matthew's Hidden Talent?

As a child, Matt discovered that he loved nature and plants and that he had a talent for making things grow. This has led to a lifelong love of plants and gardening.

As a typical American male, he loves to cook meat on an open fire and is widely considered to be an expert on the barbecue. His talents include seasonings and the ability to make a barbecue sauce with Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

What Do People Not Know About Matthew?

Matthew was a Coca-Cola vendor at Comiskey Park for the Chicago White Sox and at Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs. “HEY COKE!! COKE HERE!!”

Favorite Food: Home made Sicilian style pizza

Favorite Strange Food: Fideua

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Drink: A smoothie made with mango, strawberries, yogurt and orange juice.

Favorite Animal: Australian Cattle Dogs

Favorite Excercise: Walking

Favorite Pastime: Reading