Mónica was born in Mexico City and is part of a family of 8!

She studied communications and gained a diploma in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and is currently studying for her master’s degree.

For 20 years she ran a school for remedial studies to help children who were not doing well academically to improve and reach their full potential. During that time she fell in love with the Spanish language which inspired her to make teaching Spanish her career goal.

She left Mexico City in 2012 and moved to the state of Guanajuato where she continues to live today.

Helping others.

I am inspired by knowing that my work helps people gain tools to communicate better. Learning a new language gives us the possibility to connect with others.

In my work, I discover that what I do contributes to so many people, helping them see new horizons through language.

I am able to make hard things simple.

I love candy and all kinds of Mexican or foreign snacks.

I would love to be a writer.

Favorite Hobby: Seeing a movie in a cinema

Favorite Animal: Scottish Terrier

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Foods: I love chocolate and chile, chongos zamoranos, enchiladas Puebla style and smoked salmon.

Favorite Person: Daughter

She has 33 years of experience as a Spanish teacher.

She speaks 2 languages and wants to learn more.

She loves reading biographies of all kinds of people.

The thing she is most proud of is raising her daughter.