Born in El Salvador Central America, Rocio has a bachelor’s in communications, Marketing and Advertising at Monica Herrera University, she also has a specialization in Graphic Design, which is part of one of her greatest passions.

With more than 11 years of experience has worked in different areas such as market research, marketing, advertising, digital and graphic design, for brands around the world.

Rocío loves to travel and has lived in El Salvador, Panama and currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During this time, she has worked remotely and visited many places.

She considers herself proactive decision-making, work ethic, and a team player. Rocío currently works as a Designer for the Live Lingua team. However, she likes to think that more than designing, she is in charge of making Live Lingua always looks graphically as professional and spectacular as they are academically.

One of the things that most inspires me to work and to give my best in each design is the feeling of accomplishment when I feel that my work helps people achieve their goals and that through my designs people can have access to understand a message more clearly.

Live Lingua has given me the opportunity to create visual solutions to many academic challenges and help many people learning Spanish (that is also my native language) in a fast and easy way.

I am a good chef, although I don't usually like to cook every day, but when I do, I prefer to do it with style, learn dishes from different countries, and present them beautifully on my table, who can resist a delicious dinner and a good wine?

I used to dance ballet since I was nine years old until I was 25, so I think I can count that as a hidden talent too.

Hahaha, I'll have to accept it sometimes I tend to be a little bossy (ask my husband) does my height have something to do with it? They say that the shorter you are the bossier.

Since I was little, I have liked to speak in public. I think it is a born talent, I have never had stage fright, for that reason, I have participated in motivational conferences in my church and some non profit organizations; this is something that I really like doing.

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Drink: Salvadorian horchata, coffee and rosé wine

Favorite Activity: Travel and trekking

Favorite food: Seafood and Salvadorian pupusas

Favorite Place: The beach

Her husband Ariel is a drummer in a Rock Band.

Languages spoken: 3 Spanish (native), English (advanced), Italian (Intermediate).

Creates amazing graphics for our brand, academic resources and for our social media platforms.