Who is Shannon Dell?

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6 Years
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Shannon Dell

Class Coordinator

Shannon Dell is a globetrotter from Tennessee who spends most of her time obsessing over national parks, searching for towns with grit and sweating her way through any bottle of hot sauce she can get her hands on. She drinks her tea iced and sweet (blame her southern roots), loves watching B-rated horror films and will serenade you on her mini banjo with the few chords she knows.

Shannon is certified in Travel Journalism. She got into travel writing for her intense love of travel and, well, writing. From sandboarding in Namibia to glacier hiking in a snowstorm in Norway to living out of a Nissan Cube in New Zealand, Shannon has traveled all over the world putting a story to the places she visits. Her work has been featured in publications such as BBC Travel and Business Insider Travel, and she has worked with a number of tourism boards across the world. Traveling is also where Shannon developed her love of languages.

At Live Lingua, Shannon acts as the weekend Class Coordinator. Her main job is to make sure all students and teachers are assisted and satisfied. Drop her a line anytime if you have any questions or just want to chat.

What Inspires Shannon To Work?


Shannon believes that human connection is one of the best things about living in this world. She strives to form these connections through her work as Live Lingua's Class Coordinator, as a writer and as an editor as well as in her everyday life as a traveler. Getting to know the people she's working with and hearing the stories of those she comes across during her travels consistently sparks her passion to explore as much of this planet as she can.

What is Shannon's Hidden Talent?

WHAT IS SHANNON'S HIDDEN TALENT? Shannon can do a spot-on impression of Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. While she gave up her dream of becoming a Gollum impersonator, mainly because being called 'Gollum' isn't the best thing for a teenager's self-esteem, she still whips it out as a party trick if you ask nice enough.

What is Shannon's not so hidden weakness?

Shannon can't throw a frisbee to save her life. Somehow, if she manages to toss a frisbee in one direction, it'll end up smacking her in the face. Some would argue that this in itself is almost impressive.

What Do People Not Know About Shannon?

Shannon gave up meat as a little girl because she thought it was weird. She would stage protests when her meat-loving family would go to steakhouses by ordering a bowl of carrots and trying to eat them in the bathroom. At the time, however, she was more of a "starchatarian" rather than a vegetarian, so she would usually end up throwing the carrots away and ordering a plate of fries and bread instead.

Favorite Food: Anything involving lentils

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Musician: Jimi Hendrix (she even got to play his guitar once!)

Favorite Animal: Narwhal

Favorite Insult: "You fool."