Simon was born and raised in Nuneaton in Warwickshire, UK (famous for the author George Eliot), after finishing school went on to study leisure and recreation at Buckinghamshire New University and pursued a career in Health Club Management.

Things changed following a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico which led to an opportunity to work for Marriott Hotels in a large resort destination on the Pacific coast. This soon became home after he spent almost 20 years in a number of roles and the final 15 years as the Chief Concierge (hence his finely tuned Customer Service Skills).

Still living in Puerto Vallarta, Simon enjoys shopping, cooking and hanging at the beach. Travelling is essential for Simon's sanity and he loves airports for some strange reason. The perfect evening for Simon is relaxing on his terrace listening to dance music as the sun goes down.

In 2021 Simon started working for Live Lingua as a Class Coordinator assisting the Customer Success team in all things customer service, especially assisting in scheduling trial classes, connecting students with the right teachers for their needs, and answering any questions that might arise along their customer journey.

Travelling. Learning about different cultures and seeing how people live in other countries especially with regards to family ties has opened Simon's eyes to an appreciation of coexisting and sharing.

Simon is often known to bake large amounts cupcakes and birthday cakes for family gatherings using only an airfryer.

A very labor intensive task due to the small amount of items that can be baked at a time but the results are really good and they are always greatly received.

Terrified of heights. To a point where even seeing photos or videos turns his stomach and he has to look away.

One time he almost crawled off the Golden Gate Bridge after starting off with great intentions to cross to the other side!

Simon's father was at the Wembley Stadium for the 1966 World Cup Final when England defeated West Germany for their only World Cup triumph.

Favorite Color: Brown

Favorite Drink: Mineral Water

Favorite Movie: Forest Gump (Life is like a box of chocolates for sure)

Favorite Sport: Football (Big Liverpool Fan - YNWA)

All-time Hero: Kenny Dalglish (ex Liverpool player from 80's and 90's)

Speaks 2 languages (Spanish and English)

He has 3 massive tattoos which cover boths his arms.

He has 3 pets. 2 dogs and a cat. Previously he also had a hummingbird that could not fly.