To kickstart his career, Stacy completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary with a double major in Marketing and Information Systems. This was quickly followed up by completing an Industrial Marketing minor at the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany.

This was when Stacy first fell in love with learning about different cultures and new languages by immersing himself into German culture become conversationally fluent.

Stacy had been working with the Live Lingua team for 3 months when the CEO position became available. In his words “when I saw what we get to do for people every day and the team I get to work with, I fell in love with this company and the people we get to serve. I knew instantly that I wanted to be a bigger part of this company”.

I am inspired by ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. Every person has their own hero story and I get inspired when that hero story gets its chance to shine. Not all heroes wear capes or save people from a burning building. Any step a person takes that makes the world just a little bit better makes them a hero. Volunteering some time, buying a coffee, and even just a well-timed smile with a hello can change someone’s day. That’s heroic.

That’s probably why I love what we do. Helping others to learn another language AND understand the culture gives them a chance to make a real connection that might not otherwise happen. That feeling that someone gets when they begin to understand Spanish, German, English or any other language is indescribable.

I know because I am not just the CEO, I am also a student.

Some of my hidden talents are…

Playing guitar…

It’s hidden because I have never played it in front of actual people. That and I don’t actually like to learn the ENTIRE song. I pick a few songs that I like, learn the riffs and just play those licks over and over.


I am still learning so my talent has yet to be uncovered.There are so many styles that I like to listen to when I hear them (especially Bluegrass) that I want to jump right in and play. I definitely don’t sound like the songs I hear but it’s really fun to try.

Some things I’m clearly NOT good at…


I probably drink more sea water than I surf. I grew near the mountains so I have yet to find my sea legs. I am great at catching the waves but the moment I try to stand up… SPLOOSH.


I am not unlike many entrepreneurs in that we all want things to happen much faster than they actually do. What makes this ‘not so hidden’ is I wear my heart on my sleeve and you can literally see the frustration on my face when something takes longer than I want it to. That’s probably also why I never became a pastry chef.

  • He was once a winner of a beauty contest in Monopoly.
  • Stacy enjoys playing guitar and the harmonica but not at the same time.
  • He performed a song he wrote and produced on the Buck Shot Show when he was 5 (ask him about his performance).
  • Met all of the investors on the show ‘Shark Tank’.

  • Favorite Color: Crimson Red
  • Favorite Food: Tacos (Pizza is a close second)
  • Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu
  • Favorite Animal: Jaguar
  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars (of course)
  • Favorite Sport/Exercise: Hockey
  • Favorite Artist: The Beastie Boys

He was once a winner of a beauty contest in Monopoly

Stacy enjoys playing guitar and the harmonica but not at the same time

He performed a song he wrote on TV he was 5 years old (ask him about his performance)

Met all of the investors on the show ‘Shark Tank’