Tim Wenger’s roots are in Colorado but much of his time is spent exploring farther reaches of the world, typically looking for fresh powder to track or local food and drink options to indulge in. He took a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in snowboarding from Fort Lewis College in 2007.

Tim stepped into the editorial marketplace in 2010 as a columnist with an entertainment website. In 2011 he chased down a magazine publisher to an underground bar in the suburbs of Denver, bought him a drink, and used the following fifteen minutes to talk his way into an Associate Editor role. He’s since written for publications across the entertainment, travel, and sports spectrums and contracted with local and international PR firms and media companies.


I’m certainly no do-it-all handyman. I’m decent at a few things and terrible at almost everything else. But the one thing I’m most proud of (other than marrying my wife) is that I’ve spent my life pursuing my passions of writing, music, and getting into the outdoors, preferably on a snowboard.

Making a living as a writer is a tough thing to do. I honestly feel that I’ve been able to progress because I’ve never done anything other than chase passions. Maybe that’s just fancy talk for my complete lack of a backup plan. Either way, it forces one to dive head-first into the fray and learn everything from business practices to sales to team management, all in order to pay the bills with words.

I’m still not sure what to tell people when they ask what I do. I’ll probably never have a good answer to that question. But that’s OK – it’s more exciting this way.

I’ve spent over a decade playing guitar in punk rock bands. I’m fortunate enough to have been part of a few tours that took me to places I’d probably never go otherwise, and resulted in my undying itch to travel as much as possible.

I’m no good at identifying the proper clothes to wear to an occasion. I always feel either overdressed or underdressed, or some combination of the two. I imagine everyone notices immediately and struggles to hold it in and not say anything. This started at a young age. I loved to read, but hated all books teachers assigned me in school on principle.

I started a self-produced ‘sports magazine’ at the age of 10, sold subscriptions to neighbors and relatives, and kept them informed primarily about the happenings of my Little League baseball team.

Favorite Food: Nepalese chow-chow

Favorite Strange Food Combination: Triscuits with marinara sauce. I’m sure my wife would add a few more to this list.

Favorite Musician: Tom DeLonge

Favorite Ski Area: Loveland Ski Area

Favorite Pastime Live music, travel, reading

Tim has 10 years of experience in writing and social media.

He speaks 2 languages and is learning another one.

Tries to go snowboarding at least 75 days a year.

Played in over 200+ punk rock shows around the world.