Viktoriya was born and raised in the former USSR, but thanks to her academic achievements she got a scholarship to study in Europe, and that's when she left her homeland for good.

Since 2007, Vik has been travelling the world and lived in 4 countries - Portugal, Denmark, USA, and Norway.

After leaving her engineering job in Norway, Viktoriya returned to Portugal together with her husband, and started her career in Marketing.

After 3 years in Digital Advertising agency, Viktoriya accepted the role of Marketing & Operations Manager at Live Lingua where she's leading all marketing and product development initiatives.

Viktoriya is a data geek. She always tries to avoid emotion-driven decisions and guess-work, and focuses on analysing data prior to taking any decision. Numbers do not lie, and Viktoriya really likes to dig deep into data to find answers.

Viktoriya also loves automation. If there is any repetitive task that is taking the time of a human being, and it can be automated, Viktoriya will automate it. "Because no human should even spend their productive time on brain-numbing boring repetitive tasks!"

Viktoriya is an excellent vegan home cook. All her friends and family say she should open a restaurant.

She has an in-born talent to structure and organize things which makes her a natural project manager and doer of stuff.

She is a quick learner. Learning to code from zero or switching careers in less than 6 months? Bring it on! There's nothing that cannot be learned.

Running. Viktoriya is a terrible runner. There is not a single bribe she would accept in exchange for running 1 mile. Not even a million dollars!

Viktoriya is a passionate specialty coffee aficionado. She spends north of $50/mo on buying and tasting the most amazing coffees from all over the world.

Her favorite origins include El Salvador, Panama and Colombia, and her favorite coffee brewing method is poor-over.

Favorite Workout: CrossFit

Favorite Food: Tokyo Cheesecake

Favorite Vacation: Spending time in nature

Favorite Activity: Tasting vegan foods around towns where I travel

Viktoriya can do 500 jumps on a skipping rope, non-stop. Yep, skipping rope is good workout, and Viktoriya has been practicing for years 😅

Viktoriya speaks 3 languages: Russian - native or bilingual, English - fluent, Portuguese (European) - fluent.

He completed a 6 year General Medicine Degree.

He still has most of his Milk teeth (Oligodontia).