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Yoshihito's Fun Facts

Teaching Experience
15 Years
Yoshihito has been teaching Japanese as a second language since 2003.
Languages Spoken
3 Languages
In addition to being a native Japanese speaker they also speak: English (Advanced), Dutch (Basic)
11 Countries
He is an avid world traveler. He has visited or lived in the following countries: I used to live in US, UK, Japan, and now the Netherlands. I have been to Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Guam, Thailand, and Curacao.


Yoshi has been teaching Japanese as a second language since 2003. He has Japanese teaching experiences in US, UK, Japan and The Netherlands.

He was also company owner of a language school in Tokyo for 8 years. His school specialized in teaching Japanese from complete beginner to business levels for expats from the US, Europe, and Asia. He taught Japanese as a head teacher as well as training other Japanese teachers. He also has experiences developing online teaching methods and new curriculum for tailor-made lessons and various students' needs.

He also has work experiences in hotel / travel, media / TV, and business consulting industries.

He is originally from Japan and currently resides in the Netherlands.

He is originally from Japan and currently resides in Netherlands.

His Current Time Zone is:
(GMT +1:00) Europe/Brussels

He Can Teach These Specialized Courses:

He Can Teach The Following Age Groups:
Children, Adolescents, College, Adults, Seniors

My style of teaching is always active and interactive but I also make students talk 70% of the time during the lessons. I prefer to use worksheets as teaching materials. But if the students want to use textbooks, I use Japanese for Busy People, Genki and Minna no Nihongo. I create course plans for students first according to students' needs. For example, traveling, business meeting/mannerism, and casual conversations.

Some examples of my course plans are below;

【Beginner / Pre-Intermediate Japanese 】
You learn really slowly from Hiragana and Katakana to basic Kanji.
and focuses on daily conversations.
You will learn...
● Introducing yourself both polite and casual ways for the first meetings.
● Talking about you: your hobby, work, interests, county, and family.
● Learning different way of greetings depending on situations.
● Asking about other people and keeping smooth conversations.
● Intonation and pronunciation practices.
● Japanese body language and mannerisms.
※For Intermediate / Advanced level students, I use not only textbooks but also news articles
from news papers or magazine and current topics from TV program to have discussions.

【JLPT Exam Preparation 】
I have taught all levels from N5 to N1. I also have teaching materials for all the levels.
I am qualified to teach all levels of JLPT exams.

【Travel / Survival Japanese】
Useful for people who is planning to visit to Japan for pleasure or business.
You will learn...
●Getting on the various transportation and checking in the hotel.
●Going for shopping and ordering in the restaurant.
●Asking for directions on the streets and the stations.
●What to do in 'Onsen' (hot spring) place? 
●Money and numbers.
●Manners and customs.
●Geography of Japan.

【Business Japanese】
Introducing you to learn how to deal with Japanese people in the real business situations.
You will learn...
● Visiting another company for the first time.
● Way of exchanging business car

Sheffield Hallam University (UK) B.A. in Communication Studies
Santa Monica College (US) A.A. in Media Studies

I am into interior designs and I often coordinate Japanese style living rooms for my European friends.
I love cooking and I give Sushi workshop form time to time. I also enjoy playing Kendo in my local dojyo.

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