I took *years* of Spanish in school but I’ve always lacked the confidence to speak the language – especially with native speakers. Fast forward 30 years since school and I’ve also lost a lot of vocabulary and grammar…so I figured I would never be able to speak Spanish. Imagine my surprise when I started working with my tutor at Live Lingua! I have a safe space to (re)learn Spanish and to practice using the language in a way that meets me where I am while pushing me to absorb more than I ever did before. I find myself thinking in Spanish now. My “polite conversation” and travel Spanish is getting better every class session. My tutor is patient and she keeps me accountable to my goals. She is a great match for me and my learning style. I’m quite excited to plan a trip to see family and friends in Puerto Rico this summer – and to be able to speak Spanish with confidence!

Lisa P. Unknown

I have been using Live Lingua for approximately 3 months. Very easy to navigate the website, find a teacher, and book a lesson. You have a free consultation with your select teacher to see if you are both a good fit for each other. They give you at least 10% off bulk bought lessons nearly every month. I recommend them to all my friends. Very good website.

Chris S. Unknown

I have been using Live Lingua for about 2 months now and really enjoy my time and the teaching style of my instructor. I have been trying to learn Spanish for many years on and off through mobile apps with not much success. I finally pulled the trigger on using a tutor and I finally see progress in my conversational Spanish. I highly recommend it.

C M. Unknown

Working with live lingua's system is super easy, the scheduling system is a breeze and I like the reminders in the morning on my class days. The customer service is excellent and very prompt. Working with my instructor has been amazing! Our classes include important Grammer exercises but also a lot of conversation about things I like, what I did over the weekend, and some cultural points of interest from Mexico. The classes have taken me from never speaking Spanish in my regular life to feeling comfortable having simple daily interactions with patients in Spanish in just a few weeks.

Leslie F. Unknown

Excellent tutorship and flexibility in what the lessons are focused on. Billing is easy, changes are easy as well.

Terry K. Unknown

I have been extremely impressed with Live Lingua the past month. I signed up for the unlimited classes for a year. Live Lingua's overall organization is great, and it is super easy to schedule classes. Live Lingua paired me up with Spanish teachers from the two countries in which I will be working, which has been awesome. The teachers are very professional, organized, motivated, but also down to earth and the type of people with whom I genuinely enjoy speaking. My Spanish has gone from "know a lot but can't really speak" to "speaking about most topics but lots of room for improvement." You can burn out or get frustrated learning a language, but Live Lingua and the great teachers have kept me very positive. The only experience I can imagine that is better than Live Lingua is full immersion. If you can't do that, choose Live Lingua. Highly recommended.

Spencer C. Unknown

Can’t speak highly enough of Live Lingua! I completed ~16 hours of 1-on-1 Spanish lessons with my Teacher Noé, and noticed a tremendous improvement in both my ability and overall confidence with the language. Noé is a very knowledgeable and friendly instructor who makes the lessons fun, and enjoyable. Ray and the Live Lingua team were prompt in responding with any questions I had, and provided excellent overall customer service. Highly recommend using them for your new language endeavors!

Austin N. Unknown

I live near the Mexico border and many of the people I work with are Spanish speakers. Live Lingua has not only helped improve my Spanish, but also my understanding of the culture of Mexico.

Amanda M. Fashion Designer

Live Lingua is an excellent language site. I find it very easy to book a lesson and change times if I need to. My teacher is excellent. She tailors the lessons for my needs so I sort out any grammar errors when I’m speaking.

Joanne M. Unknown

Great service. My experience with several teachers has been great. This is a rally fun way to learn a language.

Lee G. Unknown

I am now getting the best grade in my AP Spanish class, and my teacher is really impressed with me. Gracias y buen d?a.

Lewis E. High School Student

I spend the whole day working with computers so the idea of being able to learn on them as well has always been appealing to me. With Skype installed on my computer, iPhone and tablet, I can pretty much have classes at any time using a variety of means. It is like being able to take my [Spanish] classroom with me. I believe this is the future of language learning and Live Lingua is leading the way.

Bronn A. Tech Support

This is by far the most effective way of passing the DELE exam, not only for the level of the instructors, but also for the costs. Gracias por su apoyo.

Marianna S. Unknown

I have been taking private online Spanish classes from Live Lingua for about one year, a one hour class per week. I have two tutors, one in Mexico and one in Colombia. Both are excellent teachers who speak perfect English, and both have an in-depth understanding of the written and spoken grammar of both English and Spanish. Both teachers are friendly, courteous, competent, and able to focus their teaching to my intermediate level of speaking Spanish. I look forward to my classes every week, and I have been pleased with the progress I have made.

Kenyon K. Unknown

I have loved all my instructors.

Amanda Q. Unknown

Great learning experience with Live Lingua. I've been studying Spanish for a couple of months now, and all the teachers are highly qualified and very well prepared. A special thanks to Ivan for his knowledge. The support stuff is also very helpful, a big thank you to Matt for making this learning experience just great.

Alex P. Unknown

It took a few tries to find the right teacher, but once I did, I've loved my classes ever since. Live Lingua was very helpful and patient with me in finding a good match. My teacher has been so helpful and is very flexible in her style and class structure. I love the one-on-one style of the class.

Rob P. Unknown

Miguel is awesome. I love that he stays focused on the lesson and keeps me speaking Spanish. He is an excellent teacher!

Frank L. Unknown

My teacher has become my friend. I look forward to talking with her and really enjoy the cultural exchange. I feel comfortable sounding like a beginner to her, but I know that I am learning. I have seen big improvements in my Spanish language development. I have been using LiveLingua for almost 2 years.

Lori P. Unknown

My daughter Camille has been taking Spanish lessons from Vanessa Padron, and has made some great progress. We have tried several online lessons websites and teachers, and are very happy with Live Lingua

Sydney D. Unknown

My experience with Live Lingua has been very wonderful so far. I am in 7th grade, and this has been great as I have a fairly busy schedule. It is very flexible and the teachers are amazing.

Hannah G. Unknown

I teach high school Spanish, but I sometimes don't feel comfortable enough with my spoken Spanish in the classes. This is primarily because I don't have anybody to practice with, and going to Spain once a year for 2 weeks of immersion is simply not enough for me to keep my level up. But [my Spanish teacher] is great and now that I can speak with her twice a week, I feel much better in my classes as well. She has even given me some great ideas for activities to do with my students!

Claire S. Spanish Teacher

just passed my C1 DELE exam, the examiner told me she thought I was already ready to take the C2 level. This is great, I am so happy right now!

Takako I. Tourism

I went ahead with the 1 year unlimited Spanish offer and it has been good motivation for me to stick with it. My tutors have been great and I can see I have improve in a pretty short period of time.

Dave M. Unknown

I have been a student with Live Lingua for about 6 years. I have a lesson every week. It is a well run group that has very qualified teachers. As my needs have changed, I have changed teachers about 3 times. I am working with Dionelio now who teaches the DELE classes. Live Lingua is a program that will fit your needs. The teachers are reliable and helpful and have many creative ideas. Best way to learn a foreign language without going to the country .

Mary M. Unknown

I've been using and enjoying Live Lingua for about six months. Scheduling is really easy and I feel like it's great value for the cost. I chose Live Lingua because I wanted a one-on-one program that had flexibility around days/hours and would allow me to focus on business Spanish, even though I was starting at a beginner level. I've quickly moved into an intermediate proficiency and intend to continue lessons.

Kate Z. Unknown

I absolutely love my classes with Mr. Portillo! I look forward to each one of them. Mr Portillo is super knowledgeable, professional and fun to talk with and I learn so much from him. I have made a lot of progress and I owe it, in a large extent, to Mr. Portillo.

Grace R. Unknown

My wife and I have been taking Spanish lessons on Live Lingua with our teacher, Julio, for over a year and we're really enjoying it. We're trying to get good enough at Spanish to be able to interact with some Spanish-speaking family members and speak Spanish while traveling without too much issue (we're not trying to earn a credential, though that's an option they offer). We're making good progress and I recently had a long conversation entirely in Spanish with my brother-in-law which I couldn't have done before. We take two one-hour lessons per week and complete the assigned homework which takes ~20-30 min per class. There are days where my wife or I don't feel like doing the lesson, but we always - without fail - come away from them saying that we had fun. Julio, our Colombian teacher, constantly challenges us without making things so difficult that it's discouraging, and finds fun ways to help build our vocabulary and fluency, like singing children's songs, which he calls "concert time". I will say that you need to be committed to learning the language because purchasing enough lessons for a year is fairly expensive, though still cheaper than many other programs with live tutors. If you know someone interested in learning with you, group lessons provide a discount as compared with purchasing single lessons separately. Overall, I'd highly recommend Live Lingua for anyone that is interested in learning another language and is willing to put time and money towards it.

Doug A. Unknown

Hola, buenas noches! I want to pass on my thanks for you introducing me to [My Spanish Teacher]. I have been working with her now for just over 6 months (90 hours). She is excellent at what she does and a joy to work with, she is a tribute to your staff. Because of her I will continue to purchase classes thru your company and learn to speak Espanol. She is a true professional, dedicated, hard working and always available!

Paul L. Medical Device Designer

I have been with Live Lingua for over five years. I have learned SO much Spanish with my teacher during that time. I am retired and just enjoy the process. My teacher is incredibly talented in providing explanations and lessons that match my level and know when to give me a push to the next level. I can't say enough about how wonderful the experience has been and continues to be.

Keri C. Unknown

After a year and half of one-on-one sessions with a Live Lingua tutor, my Spanish fluency has improved a lot. I have cordial communications with my Mexican tutor, Ruth. She puts me at ease and knows what I need to ameliorate my Spanish knowledge. The hours with her are never boring. She always finds interesting themes to talk about and explains the grammar with lively and clear examples. Through our conversations, she detects my language errors and difficulties and adapts the lessons accordingly. I like that Live Lingua gives me the options of scheduling, changing and canceling my hours at my convenience. They are very well organized in keeping track of my bookings, the hours I have left, and informing me about upcoming lessons. They even give students the option of changing the teacher. Their administration is very quick to answer any of my questions via email.

Rita R. Unknown

Very good teacher able to utilize time well and was able to meet me at my skill level. It has been a few months since I started and I plan to continue.

Peter B. Unknown

I started using Live Lingua a few months ago when I found out I had an upcoming trip to South America. I’ve been teaching myself Spanish for a long time, with grammar books, apps and movies/tv shows, but I had never really spoken it much. I decided to try Live Lingua and I’m constantly impressed by them. My emails are always responded to in a helpful and timely way. The teachers are engaging and knowledgeable and the classes are fun and tailored to what I need. They know exactly what I need to focus on. I take 3 classes a week that work on my schedule and I always look forward to my classes. I feel like in the last few months my Spanish has improved more than it has in the last few years.

Sarah V. Unknown

I am an educator myself, it was an excellent experience to work with someone as professional and enthusiastic as Sra. Padron.

Adrienne B. Teacher

I've had a lot of Spanish Teachers, and Simon Abraham is the best! The logistics and materials are easy to keep track off-- I really can't think of anything that is lacking. Bien Hecho!

Daniel P. Unknown

I love the ability to have [Spanish] tutoring without the need to commit to set hours each week. This gives me the flexibility I need to be able to commit to my studies.

Erhan T. Chef

We've been really enjoying our LiveLingua classes with Miguel. He is a professional instructor who tailors each lesson to us, comes prepared with a lesson plan, and also assigns us homework so we can practice and improve. Highly recommended for people who want personalized, professional instruction to improve your Spanish!

Jingping J. Unknown

I have been a student with Live Lingua for the past 5 years, learning Spanish and Chinese, but mostly Spanish, because I am in love with the language. Working on a new language is so fun but challenging , but with the private teachers through Livelingua I always look forward to the next class! I can tell them what I want to work on and the type of homework I can benefit more from. I am grateful for the journey I have been on these past years, as I have learned a great deal. One take away I want to share to current students, don't give up! Keep practicing with natives and challenge yourself in different ways to keep yourself motivated. Success comes from a motivation from within you.. and your teachers are there to cheer you on!

Ruth C. Unknown

I had lived in central america with my parents when I was a child, and used to speak Spanish but as I grew up I forgot. Now I am feeling comfortable speaking again.

Slovhenia D. Business

I'm so grateful for the Spanish tutoring on Live Lingua. You don't have to stress about finding a good, qualified tutor. I have two tutors I work with--Ruth Pantaleon and Yoselin H. They are excellent! Yoselin patiently instructs me on my writing, and Ruth uses engaging activities that gets me talking (while learning grammar). My Spanish--and my life--has been enriched by their teaching. The Live Lingua front office staff are friendly and always answer my questions. I only wish the tutors were paid more. They deserve it and so much more.

Daniel P. Unknown

Great teacher, patient and makes lessons applicable to me

Kim A. Unknown

Our son, Julian, currently has mostly hourlong lessons with Amarilis, and he is learning a lot and enjoying them--thank you, Amarilis! His teacher at school has noticed his improvement too.

Melissa C. Unknown

Being immersed in these speaking and listening sessions has dramatically improved my ability to converse in Spanish. My instructor has also helped prioritize and support the grammar, vocab and conjugation study I can complete on my own time. Then the individual tutor sessions are what i need to bring these book and writing skills up to the real-time pace of conversation.

Mark C. Unknown

I am retired, and one of my life goals in live was to get the superior certificate [on the DELE exam]. I studied in a number of immersion schools in Spain and Argentina, and even took some of their DELE courses, but I was never able to pass to this final level. Thankfully one of the students I had class with in Spain mentioned you guys. I am glad I found you, and thank you for helping me pass this last hurdle. I would definately recommend Live Lingua for DELE tutoring.

Ingrid B. Retired

I've had a great experience with Live Lingua! I love my tutor and I feel like it's a reasonable price for how much structure they put into lessons. Very easy website to use, too!

Levi T. Unknown

If you want to learn Spanish, Live Lingua is the best option short of going to live in a Spanish speaking country. It really does feel like an immersion school.

Cenk S. Lawyer

Since I signed up for Live Lingua, I have made significant strides in recapturing my Spanish language skills. Customer service is friendly and efficient and very prompt. The teachers are great and they really make it comfortable and easy to learn and advance.

Lace H. Unknown

I've used Live Lingua for over a year. My teacher is Ivan who is a native Spanish speaker. He is always well prepared and always pushes me to achieve beyond my expectations. I have been thoroughly impressed with Live Lingua and the organisation across all areas of oral, listening, talking and comprehension. I would have no hesitation in recommending Live Lingua at all levels. ¡Buena Suerte!

Kenneth L. Unknown

write for new travel German guidebook and have been traveling around Latin America for the last few months. I spoke a bit of Spanish before arriving, but wanted to have regular classes with a teacher to brush up on some small points and polish it as I was traveling. It was a great help to have[my Spanish teacher] available to answer any questions about regional phrases and customes as I traveled. I highly recommend Live Lingua.

Jan E. Travel Writer

I had never thought of taking lessons on Skype until a friend of mine from our community college Spanish lessons recommended me to Live Lingua. This is exactly what I was looking for. In the community college course there are over 20 people and I barely get any attention at all, and no time to practice speaking. With Live Lingua that does not happen and it is even more ecomomical especially when you factor in the time and gas of my commute.

Janet G. Mother

I adore my weekly classes with my Spanish teacher Irais Soto Salinas. She has perfectly matched her classes to my learning styles, and each hour goes by quickly, and I walk away learning a little more each time. Without these classes, I feel I would have lost all my understanding of Spanish.

Aarin W. Unknown

Since my 12-year-old son has been taking online Spanish lessons with Amarilis del Carmen, he has become much more "into" Spanish, weaves short phrases into everyday conversation, and has brought home praise and top grades from his Spanish teacher at school. Amarillis somehow gets my quiet boy talking--and in Spanish!--during their hour together. I value her emphasis on conversation and vocabulary, but most of all her ability to engage a boy and make learning so much fun. He always leaves his time with her full of energy and smiling.

Melissa C. Unknown

I love my lessons with Live Lingua! Account management is easy, straight-forward, and affordable, and I'm so impressed with the quality of my teacher, Stephanie! Having taken lessons elsewhere before, I think my lessons with Stephanie are way more effective -- she has a great ear for my pronunciation mistakes and quickly understands my intentions if I misuse a word with a similar cognate in English. She also makes fun lesson plans but also allows subject changes and exploration if something piques my interests. So glad I found this company!

Kate L. Unknown

I really can't sing Nancy's praises enough! She really commits her heart and soul, and with her sharp intellect and fun personality the learning is exceptional. You guys have a real gem with her! My teacher Ms. Nancy Juarez is very talented at this! Nothing but praise for her teaching style, patience, and ability to inspire confidence. Not to mention she makes it fun, when before my other Spanish learning efforts were not nearly as divertido.

Troy B. Unknown

Taking spanish lessons to be able to speak well, listen go music and feel comfortable while travelling. All teachers are good, professional and flexible. This is really good value for money. Just completes 100 lessons and plan to keep going!

Nityen L. Unknown

I like the flexibility of Live Lingua, for me 30 min is the best time slot I can handle to learn languages. I personally learn best with a focus on conversations and the one I had with Tamara were very interesting and I felt they helped me progress a lot. If it was possible I would focus the learning on a conversational approach... I never liked grammar.

Francesco O. Unknown

3 years and still going. I started with Live Lingua with no experience in Spanish, and just a few months ago I went to Peru for vacations, and everybody was really impressed with my Spanish level. It felt great.

Ann Marie L. Trader

Learn Spanish in todays world is a great move for anybody. It puts you ahead of the rest and makes you more matured

Dorrie D. Recent College Grad

She is a wonderful teacher and I am really enjoying learning Spanish!

Kimberly S. Unknown

I'm on the Zero to Conversational course with LiveLingua to learn Spanish. It's so helpful having a 1-1 relationship with a native Spanish speaker and the course is incredibly well structured to help you get the most out of learning a language from scratch. The biggest challenge, for me, has been balancing the intense learning experience with the rest of my life - but that's something that you have to manage proactively (something I need to improve!) My teacher, Irais, is great - takes it at my pace whilst still encouraging me to do more and keep up with homework etc. I would recommend to anyone starting out with a language! It can be daunting but the whole LiveLingua team (teacher, director, support staff) have been great.

Chris F. Unknown

I am so grateful for having found Live Lingua: it has given me the access to high quality teaching and flexibility to finally realizing my dream of learning Spanish!

Holly X. Unknown

Hola Live Lingua, les gustaria decir que estoy muy feliz con Live Lingua, por fin tengo confianza en mi español, claro tengo mucho mas que apprender. Gracias a todos.

Humphrey R. Veterinarian

Silvana Gaeta is my tutor. She has been marvelous. Challenging, smart, funny…

Elizabeth P. Unknown

It has been so helpful to actually be able to do 1-1 classes with a knowledgeable instructor who will answer questions without judgement. I have learnt so much so quickly.

Shreyans K. Unknown

Muchisimas gracias por las clases de espanol. Voy a pasar mis vaccaciones en Mexico y ahorra tengo mucha confiansa en mi nivel communicativo. Gracias, gracias, gracias.

Neils De T. Student

I've been taking weekly Spanish lessons via Live Lingua for about 4 months. The free trial was easy to set up and I was matched with an excellent instructor, who is certified in their native country as an instructor in Spanish as a foreign language. It's easy to schedule classes, and I think the pricing is reasonable for the quality of the instruction. In addition, I've found the Live Lingua staff to be highly responsive to any questions. I'm very impressed and encourage anyone looking for live video language lessons to try Live Lingua!

Steve P. Unknown

Maria is a WONDERFUL teacher and I learn a lot from her. I love how she has Google docs so that I can go back and print out what we went over. That is very helpful. She also will give me instructions in Spanish and then English so I’m exposed to it. My new teachers Mr Gustavo and Ms. Itzel are very good too . They all use different teaching styles that I really like. Taking the Unlimited has been very helpful because I try to take a class everyday to expose myself. It has been a great investment

Viviana O. Unknown

I just passed my first DELE level. Thank you so much!

Martin H. Masters Student

My Spanish teachers is awesome.

Rudolph I. 7 years old

It had never even occured to me to look for Spanish lessnos on Skype until a friend recommended Live Lingua. What a great way to learn Spanish.

Shania S. Diplomat

[My Spanish Teacher] is probably the best teacher I have ever had.

Igna C. Airline Hostess

I love Live Lingua! It's been so helpful in bettering my conversational Spanish abilities, and my tutor is super cool. He really engages me in my learning, it's a lot of fun! I can really feel my language abilities getting better through Live Lingua.

Abby B. Unknown

It feels like I am studying in a family run Spanish immersion school, but at home!

Lorenna M. Mother

My tutor from Live Lingua has been extremely helpful and patient, I feel a lot more confident speaking Spanish and I actually enjoy learning it. Some of the things she has taught have cleared up things that I was so confused about before and I feel like I can understand, speak, write and read Spanish way better. I would definitely recommend using Live Lingua!

Isabella D. Student

I have had a wonderful experience with LiveLingua and I highly recommend it. I have worked with two professors and both of them customized my instruction to my learning goals at that time. I am currently working with Luis Manuel Gonzalez Garcia. He makes the sessions highly interesting. I am able to practice Spanish using engaging topics. Luis is a dedicated teacher and I appreciate all of the effort and preparation he has put into our lessons. I have felt my fluency develop during our sessions together. I know I could not have made this progress any other way. Anyone can find the right teacher to help them meet their goals. The LiveLingua team will give you a choice of teachers based on your goals and schedule. If you want experience with a new teacher after working with one, they will help you by giving you updated choices. All of the teachers are highly qualified, so you cannot go wrong. Aside from the teachers, I have had a wonderful experience with the administrative team of LiveLingua. Whenever I send an email, I get an almost immediate response. They are always helpful and professional. Their website is easy to navigate. I like their system of having the teachers give proficiency updates regularly. That lets me look back at the progress I have made. LiveLingua provides a quality service at a very competitive price. I highly recommend it.

Dina S. Unknown

It’s been absolutely great experience for kids, and all the parents are sending deepest gratitude to LL and Amarilis for providing us with such wonderful learning opportunity.

Eugenia L. Unknown

I was layed of in 2008 and was having trouble finding work in my chosen profession of being a teacher. The only jobs that were open required that I speak Spanish. At that time I spoke none. I have now been with Live Lingua for 3 years, and 7 months into my job search my Spanish level was enough to get a job when many of my friends could not. Thank you so much.

Evelyn N. Primary School Teacher

This has been a real eye opener for me. I had never learned another language before, and I am loving it. The most interesting part for me is that I am also learning so much about the Mexican culture in addition to the language. If anybody is on the fence about trying Live Lingua, I would say go for it. They let you try for free, so you have nothing to loose.

Emery A. Unknown

If you ever want to improve your Spanish and travel around the world at the same time, this is the way to do it. As an English teacher I move to a new place every 1-2 years, and this way I can keep up my studies where ever I am.

Celine T. Teacher

I'm so excited to have found Live Lingua. I love the teacher I work with and look forward to my lessons each week.

Alana V. Unknown

Live Lingua was one of several services from a reputable list I found online. Here's what I find is terrific: 1. I chose the kind of Spanish I wanted to learn. 2. The instruction is tailored to my goals, interests. 3. In less than 48 hours from my first inquiry, I was signed up for my free trial lesson. 4. My instructor is a skilled teacher in Spanish and English and so encouraging. 5. The Live Lingua coordinator is not your instructor so if you did have issues, those can be addressed without awkward interactions. 6. My coordinator is available and responds quickly when I contact him but he is not ever-present in my mailbox. 7. The scheduler is easy to use. 8. They have more than one telepractice platform to choose from so you can choose one you know. 9. Lessons are logged so you can review. 10. I look forward to every lesson no matter what kind of week I'm having.

Roxanne L. Unknown

Writing this review is super easy, as I have nothing but praise to offer Live Lingua. My first Skype class with Live Lingua was almost 10 years ago. I was a struggling Spanish language student (my Live Lingua teachers might say I STILL am--though I hope not!), but through the decade I have perservered to improve my Spanish by taking countless hours of on-line classes with many of Live Lingua's superb teachers, most from Mexico, but also hailing from Venezuela, Panama, Argentina, and elsewhere. Sitting in my home, chatting with a Live Lingua teacher in Spanish, who, in my case, is thousands of miles away, is almost like being in a classroom in a Latin American country, and a heck of a lot more convienient. Currently I am taking classes with three different Live Lingua teachers, as each has their own style of teaching and each come from different backgrounds, all which I find very useful and interesting. The Live Lingua platform which enables students to choose teachers and schedule classes is extremely user-friendly, not to mention cost-efficient when compared to in-person Spanish schools. Plus, whenver I have questions -- about anything -- Live Lingua's staff is there to quickly help; I wish all businesses had customer support as efficient as Live Lingua's. So, would I recommend Live Lingua for anyone interested in improving their Spanish, or any other language for that matter? A resounding ¡SÍ!

Larry R. Unknown

[My Spanish tutor] really has taught me a lot, my company is very happy with my progress and are looking to send me to Mexico to work in our division there next year.

Quilong C. Manager

I've been working with the same Spanish tutor almost two years (shout-out to Arles!), we have an excellent relationship and it's fun to get to know another culture in the process. I also listen to their podcast which is nice too. It's easy to schedule and cancel appts. Very reliable. I'll definitely keep going.

Christy N. Unknown

I love this online tutoring! My tutor is wonderful, helpful and adaptive to what my language needs are. His schedule is posted online and signing up for classes on my time is very accommodating.

Jodi D. Teacher

Live Lingua is so easy to work with. I have had no problems from the start, in registering, scheduling classes, keeping track of our account. I appreciate the morning reminders in my email. The teacher, Ruth, has such a good personality, and is always prepared. My daughter loves doing the worksheets that Ruth sends and I print off after the lesson is over. I really appreciate that Live Lingua still uses paper and pencil to learn, since information seems to"stick" better that way. In the six months that we have been using Live Lingua semi weekly, When we had a question, Ruth responded to our email immediately. I am so happy we chose Live Lingua.

Helen G. Unknown

Live Lingua has very professional teachers and was a great experience.

Tami R. Unknown

Live Lingua has truly been a game changer for me when it comes to learning Spanish. I found the site after a Google search looking for online Spanish lessons that would teach me to speak Argentine Spanish as I was in a serious relationship with a woman from Argentina. In the beginning of our relationship, we were only able to speak English to each other and, thanks to the lessons with my instructor, I was able to start learning Spanish with next to no prior knowledge. Fast forward to now and we are happily married and able to communicate effectively in both Spanish and English. While we still primarily use English, I have been able to make rapid progress and I am to the point where I can understand most of what is said when speaking with in-laws and other Spanish speaking friends. Without Live Lingua, I fear I may have been stuck trying to teach myself from a book and failing to pick things up for much longer. With the simple to use website, I was able to find my instructor, take my first lesson, and start building my future using the worksheets and lesson plans my instructor personally crafted to help my fluency progress at the right speed for me. As for now, I'm looking forward to becoming truly fluent in Spanish and using Live Lingua to accomplish this goal.

Noah S. Unknown

I have been very pleased with Live Lingua. I had a pretty solid base of Spanish knowledge but wanted to improve and also refresh memories in areas I have gotten rusty. Live Lingua was the perfect fit for me. I looked at an in-person option in my hometown and it was too expensive and the dates were too rigid. Other options online seemed like the “Wild Wild West.” Live Lingua has been the perfect mix of structure (my teacher always seems prepared to teach me something tailored to my level), and flexibility.

Samuel W. Unknown

I have been taking lessons 3 days a week for 9 months and have to say that Live Lingua is a very good platform to not only practice your conversational spanish but also learn grammar. I leave near Mexico and was interested in learning additional regional phrases and information pertaining to Mexico. I work with lots of spanish speakers from Mexico and wanted to be able to communicate better. My teacher, Ms. Lilia Arellano has been wonderful to work with since the begininng. I have experience with other conversational platforms and consider Live Lingua at the top. Also, in the few instances that I have had a question concerning my membership, the response was prompt and any concerns I had addressed immediately. I appreciate Live Lingua and will continue learning from them.

Merle G. Unknown

[My Spanish Teacher] has been great. I have been taking Spanish classes for 2 years now and I just took my first trip to Mexico and was able to talk to everybody.

James L. Lawyer

I've been with Live Lingua for almost 5 years now and I LOVE it. My Spanish teacher, Ruth, is fantastic, and thanks to her I confidently say that I am fluent in Spanish, sufficiently so that I can even communicate difficult medical concepts to patients and their families in Spanish. Highly recommended!

Paul E. Unknown

I am a Spanish teacher in the U.S. but I was not able to practice my Spanish with a native speaker, Live Lingua was the answer to my prayers, and it is very affordable!

Janet R. Teacher

I have been working with Dionelio Moreno for the Spanish AP exam. He is wonderful! He has so many resources at his finger tips and is very familiar with the course and the Temas text. I'm sure he would be terrific with any level of language learning.

Mary M. Teacher

I am a Spanish teacher in the US. I came to Live Lingua while I was still taking college classes. I stumbled upon the website looking for an answer to a homework assignment. Due to the pandemic, all of my classes were online and did not have authentic spoken components. I was partnered with Andrés. He has been fantastic. We have worked on my oral fluency as well as advanced gramatical topics. Now that I am teaching Spanish, I still meet with Andrés. We discuss my lessons; he provides wonderful insight into the language. He also shares cultural information from South America that isn't as prevalent in US curriculums. Additionally, he shares educational resources that cannot be found in the US. This has been an amazing find.

Brian J. Unknown

My professors, Vladimir and Vanessa, are kind, knowledgeable and challenging. I truly enjoy every lesson and am amazed by my progress.

Elizabeth W. Unknown

Live Lingua has been a great way for my son to learn Spanish. His instructor Gustavo makes lessons relevant for his age which keeps him engaged. I would highly recommend Live Lingua as a way to learn Spanish.

Javier L. Unknown

My teacher Liliana is fantastic. Always well-prepared, identifying exactly what is best for us to work on next, friendly and welcoming in classes and really helping me with my knowledge. Five stars for her!

Ian M. Unknown

I have been taking classes for almost 2 years with my Spanish teacher Vladimir, and our classes have made all the difference. The road to learning a language is not easy, nonetheless my teacher has greatly lightened the load. Now I have the ability to hold conversations in many social situations. I also like the website interface that LiveLingua utilizes. The company also provides support should assistance be needed. Overall, I am very satisfied, and I would highly recommend Live Lingua.

Anthony B Unknown

I am thrilled I chose Live Lingua to learn Spanish. I taught English Language Learners and understand language acquisition and best practices for learning. The two instructors I've experienced do as well. For example, when I don't understand they stay in the target language and find another way of expressing themselves until communication is clear. They know how to make their students comfortable as a low affective filter is important for learning. The website used to schedule classes and buy classes is very user friendly and if I need assistance when I email Live Lingua, I get an immediate response. Excellent customer service. I highly recommend this company.

Linda B. Unknown

I am a student of Spanish and have had instruction, both formal and informal off and on, over a long period of time. Recently I began studying again with the goal of improving my reading and speaking knowledge of the language. Happily, I encountered Live Lingua and Maestra Stefanie Chavez in particular. Stefanie Chavez possesses a thorough understanding of the English language and its idiosyncrasies and the ability to teach the same in Spanish. In each session I’ve encountered both traditional and contemporary readings which lead to interesting discussions and a better understanding of the language. She is enthusiastic and patient and always upbeat. She is open to questions and interested in my input. I look forward to our sessions and furthering my understanding of the language, its history and the rich culture of its many speakers. The classes are seamlessly managed by Live Lingua.

Bruce F. Unknown

I am enjoying my lessons with Marlene and the administrative support I've received has been excellent. Marlene is very friendly and easy to work with. She takes my needs into consideration when planning lessons, and I really appreciate that. She is very patient with me when I ask her many questions and I believe I am learning many valuable skills. I go back to Mexico in a few weeks and I know my Spanish has improved - I have more confidence and a deeper understanding of the language. Thank you for providing a great service that I will continue to use. From sign up and onboarding to taking the lessons, it has been a seamless experience.

Jennifer H. Unknown

My teacher caters my program to my interest and strengths, making the course more relevant and motivating. Of course we do study grammar, but that is just a small part of the class. I select a news story on which to give a report for each class, and share photos about what I've been doing. We have ample opportunities to discuss both the articles and my photos.

John Y. Unknown

I have been using Live Lingua for the past few years to provide the staff at my medical practice with Spanish lessons to deal with all of our hispanic clients. The staff love it, and the clients love that all of our staff can now speak Spanish.

Joanne Z. Doctor

When I first signed up for Live Lingua, I stated my intention to travel to Argentina, and I needed to learn Spanish for that. They paired me up with a wonderful teacher from Argentina and I have had 6 classes since then they have all been very enjoyable. I can set my own pace with the tutor and ask for more help when I need them.

Jimmy P. Unknown

Live Lingua has amazing tutors and provides a very accessible and easy to use platform. Whether you are beginning or an advanced speaker Live Lingua’s tutors come to class prepared to provide phenomenal instruction.

Jesse L. Unknown

Live Lingua is a great affordable language learning platform. They provide live conversation practice with native speakers. My teacher is very knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive. I highly recommend Live Lingua to anyone who wants to improve their speaking and comprehension skills in a language.

Shameem N. Doctor

I really enjoy working with my teacher Karina Velasco! She is excellent, always well prepared, very knowledgeable, and very patient. I am also very satisfied working with Live Lingua. Their website is easy to use, it is very easy to reserve times for my classes, and they always send emails about my progress and other interesting things Live Lingua offers

Elizabeth N. Mental Health Therapist

I have loved my Live Lingua sessions so far. I think you offer a great service and I've actually recommended it to people. What a great opportunity to get one on one teaching of another language!

Aviva S. Unknown

I've been learning Spanish with Live Lingua since 2014. So far I'm very satisfied with both their support team and tutors.

Yiping J. Unknown

Muchísimas gracias a Live Lingua! I just got my DELE B1 certificate and I am the happiest person in the world. As you know I did not pass the first time. Now I can't wait to work with you guys to get by C1.

Kendra L. English Teacher

Learning Spanish with [my Spanish teacher] and Live Lingua is great. I am finally making real progress. Gracias!

Kimmie N. Student

My [Spanish] classes are great and my teacher is wonderful, you have a student for life

Virginia J. Retired

I have been using LiveLingua for years. I wanted to improve my Spanish skills, and found LiveLingua an easy platform to connect with teachers. Through it, I scheduled my teacher and met them over Skype. Now, I am fluent in Spanish (reading, writing), and signed up to learn Korean!

Claire M. Unknown

Have had my kids doing Live Lingua for the last 6 months. Great site and the people form Live Lingua are great to work with, very patient and very responsive. They are talking Spanish one on one and can tell they are grasping it much better! Grades are on the uptick as well.

Cristobal S. Unknown

I'm enjoying my twice weekly lessons with Jacob and find him to be an excellent teacher. During the 2+ years of working with him our classes have transitioned from sessions that cover specific material to more free-flowing conversations, but he continues to push me by posing questions that advance my Spanish competency, and correcting my grammatical errors.

Jeffrey H. Unknown

I have been using Live Lingua for many years. It is an excellent program. The website displays information clearly. The teachers and staff members are personal, helpful and supportive. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning a new language.

Julie K. Unknown

I have been working with Live Lingua for several weeks now and have enjoyed each and every class. My instructor (Ana Coral Toxqui Montiel) has really taken the time to know me and my learning style and has tailored my language learning to meet my needs. She offers useful feedback and is incredibly patient. I love the homework assignments as they keep me motivated! Scheduling classes is easy and convenient. Hoping to upgrade my package to unlimited next year - well worth the investment!

Joey C. Unknown

Our son goes to a bilingual school and we wanted him to get ahead. [Live Lingua Spanish] worked around our schedule to give him the private classes that he needed and now he is doing great. We would all like to thank you very much.

Roarke S. Student

Live Lingua met and then exceeded my expectations. After studying Spanish on my own for almost two years and participating in an online group class for one year, I became a Live Lingua student 3 months ago. There are several things I like about this company: One, they assist you in finding teachers that fit your needs. When I joined, a student coordinator contacted me, gathered information about what and how I wanted to learn and facilitated the process of assigning me a teacher. My first teacher was a great fit! However, Live Lingua will help you find other teachers if you decide a match isn’t right, or if you simply want to experience a variety of teaching styles, accents, or learn from people from a variety of countries. Two, scheduling lessons is easy and flexible. I can schedule way ahead or closer to the time I want to take a lesson. If I have a conflict arise, it is easy to reschedule lessons. Three, the company is continuing to grow and develop new learning options as well as provide oversight. I felt good enough about my progress and experience with Live Lingua, that I took the plunge and joined the recent incoming class of “Live Lingua Unlimited” Spanish students. This more intensive approach is supported by staff who advise both students and their teams of teachers. I have three teachers with slightly different strengths and styles. I appreciate the well rounded approach and like that my teachers communicate and know what the others are doing with respect to my learning. Four, in my experience, the teachers are great! They are experienced, professional, kind, and their goal is to help you learn. I like meeting and working with native speakers and I find the opportunity to learn about different countries and cultures a delightful bonus. Lastly, if I have any questions or concerns there is someone I can check in with. Having support staff readily accessible is great. I stepped well out of my comfort zone when I signed up for Live Lingua classes. I feel like I’m still stretching myself but in a safe, constructive, productive environment. I really appreciate this company and the Live Lingua teachers.

Melissa B. Unknown

I have really enjoyed working with Live Lingua to improve my Spanish skills! Their online system for purchasing and scheduling classes is very easy to use and I like that they email reminders to me on the days I have classes. I have recommended Live Lingua to friends and family members who are interested in learning new languages.

Janessa S. Psychologist

For the past few months, I've taken weekly hour-long one-on-one classes through Live Lingua's language learning platform. My goal has been to improve my Spanish speaking ability, as that was the missing ingredient in my language learning. So far, I would say the experience has been less intimidating than I thought it would be. This is largely thanks to the tutor I study with: she is super-patient, helpful, and knows how to effectively tailor each class to themes I am interested in studying. The Live Lingua platform itself works well--scheduling/changing classes dates is relatively easy, and I appreciate the email reminders on the day of the scheduled class. I'd recommend this tutoring service to anyone who is serious about improving their speaking ability.

Laura S. Unknown

Being able to choose the right teacher is key. I had the opportunity to try our 2 and found the right match for me. The ability to try and see if you can understand the teach and she understand what level you are is also important. Rocío is one of the better teachers in my view. She always has homework for me and never forgets to correct me. She also has a wonderful personality. I plan to stay with her - once a week. I will be close to a year with Livelingua and I'm very happy. The price is also good - it allows you to try a number of classes to see how you do.

Marcia M. Unknown

I can’t believe how awesome this service is. I can ONLY speak to Arles as a Spanish tutor, but he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. He’s incredibly organized with PowerPoints and lesson plans.

Nick L. Unknown

Live Lingua is easy to use and I love my Spanish teacher! Through my lessons I’ve become more comfortable speaking and am gaining new skills. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn or improve on another language!

Kelly W. Unknown

I have been with Live Lingua for the past 1 year, learning Spanish from an amazing teacher named Ivбn Sбnchez-Gil. The transaction with Live Lingua are all through a very interactive & user friendly website, and the experience so far has been very good & transparent. My teacher Ivan Sanchez is a very qualified teacher. Apart from his expertise on the language, fantastic way of teaching, he is also extremely patient with a novice like me.

Santanu D. Unknown

My experience with Live Lingua has been fantastic! My teacher is excellent, and the company's website is very user-friendly in terms of purchasing and scheduling lessons. Love it!

Lara M. Unknown

This service has been a great experience and I would definately recommend it to anybody who wants to learn Spanish from a native speaking teacher.

Abdul D. Physician

Highly Recommended! I need to improve spanish for my job. I've been taking classes with Live Lingua now for almost three months and I bought the unlimited package for a year. I am super happy with the service I've received. First, my teachers are fantastic. I have two regular teachers and I can tell that they spend quality time trying to understand my weaknesses and how I can improve. Second, it is not difficult to get class time. You sign up for your classes so there is no set time. I love this but was apprehensive about low availability. This has NOT been an issue at all. In fact, I could probably take 15 hours a week if I wanted. Third, the company is very responsive. When I first signed up they were prompt at answering my emails and providing me an additional professor with varying hours so I could take more classes. Overall, I am very happy with my choice to take lessons here. I will definitely come back once my unlimited subscription is over. I highly recommend!

Erin G. Unknown

I've been using Live Lingua/Spanish lessons for one year now and I would highly recommend it for anyone that's interested in learning a new language. For me, the ability to conduct all of my classes 1/1 with a live Spanish speaking teacher in the comfort of my home or office via Skype was most important. Also, I love being able to purchase classes in blocks of time whenever my schedule permits and then schedule those classes in coordination with my teachers available times directly online. My teacher, Ana Coral is an experienced teacher with years of experience but she gives me 1/1 time based on my own ability. I really enjoy the way she teaches by combining textbooks, audio lessons, written stories and dialogue between the two of us every class. Ella es una excelente maestra!! FIVE STARS FOR LIVE LINGUA!!

Rich T. Unknown

The flexibility of Live Lingua is what I like the best. It is not like a software that does not answer any of your questions, it is live classes that I can do when I want. Great service.

Elvia Y. Mother

My work brought me to Mexico City and I did not speak any Spanish. I did not have time to spend hours in traffic everyday to get to a physical school and Live Lingua worked great for me. I have been with them for over 3 years and now speak Spanish very well.

Joost V. Web Developer

My adult children got me started with Live Lingua when they gave me ten hours of lessons as a gift this past December. Two of them already had experience with LL and knew I'd been trying to teach myself Spanish for awhile using a combination of Duolingo and the Great Courses. Having a live tutor has made such a difference! Instead of my being simply a receptor for vocabulary and grammar lessons, I have interaction not just with a native speaker but with a highly qualified language teacher - Yasmin Flores. Yasmin is wonderful at combining language drills with homework and with explanations that make grammar comprehensible. She uses a multimedia approach of conversation, videos, workbooks, repetition and instruction that makes every lesson clear and helps things stick. The website for setting up classes is very user friendly and the "admin" folks are always responsive and happy to help. The materials provided are also tremendously helpful. I highly recommend this program of language learning.

Amy G. Unknown

I found Live Lingua via google search. I was looking for an immersive way to practice speaking Spanish. Live Lingua instructors quickly access your language level and provide a custom learning plan. I can set my own schedule and find instructors available at any time of day. I’ve been using live lingua for almost 6 months and I am quickly mastering the language. I would highly recommend Live Lingua.

Lenee L. Unknown

Live Lingua is a good way to learn or practice Spanish with native speakers. You can block times with teachers and they will have a lesson for you, or you can just chat/take control of what you want to learn.

Ted R. Unknown

I had a super experience with Live Lingua.

Deborah H. Unknown

As a teacher, I know I am a hard student to deal with, but I have to say that [my Spanish teachers] have been excellent. I change teachers every 3-4 months to get exposed to new teaching styles and I have no had a bad teacher yet. I am now on my 4th teacher. As long as the quality at Live Lingua stays this high I will be with them for a long time to come.

Paula P. College Professor

Amarilis is an outstanding teacher. She is knowledgeable, kind and friendly. I feel my ability to talk and listen has markedly improved. Highly recommend her

Mayar A. Doctor

Thank you very much to [My Spanish Teacher] for her patience and good teaching skills. She is the best teacher I have ever had.

Tseng E. Photographer

I found out about Live Lingua while searching online for best online Spanish classes. I have not been disappointed. My teacher is professional and punctual, and I very much delight in my classes with her. The articles Daniela sends me are very interesting, and I really enjoy just conversing with her about every day things too. She's lovely. And educated. And knowledgeable. I would recommend Live Lingua to anyone wishing to learn the Spanish language. I feel really lucky to have Daniela as an instructor. Regarding Live Lingua, it was very easy to get started with a free trial and classes. The price is reasonable. I like that I receive regular emails from Live Lingua touching base with me about how things are going. Though I'm not very good about responding to the emails, I do appreciate that Live Lingua wants my experience to be a good one too. 5s!

Maureen B. Unknown

Live Lingua has been fantastic. The ease of scheduling of classes makes thing so much easier and the speed at which they respond to all of my questions are truly top notch. Being honest with you at first I was nervous and took a chance on them, but I can say after 37 hours of one on one Spanish it is definitely work the long term investment. As a novice beginner of Spanish I have come a long way thanks to this fantastic company. I can read, write, speak, and understand more Spanish than I did a little under a year ago.

Robert B. Professor of Computer Science

Live Lingua is an excellent resource to connect with skilled teachers and establish a plan that fits your schedule. I feel like I’m back in college, in the best way! As a freelance musician, the one-on-one classes with flexible scheduling is just perfect. I’m seeing progress with each lesson, and feel empowered to put in the work to really learn Spanish. Try it, you won’t regret it!

Chris B. Unknown

Even at my age it is possible to learn a new language. My teacher knows how to push me just enough to keep me learning but no so much that I get discouraged. So far it has been a wonderful experience.

John A. Judge

I have been learning Spanish for some time and have reached the Intermediate standard, but I wished to be able to converse with ease with native speakers on a range of subjects. I have worked with an excellent on line course and attend an adult course led by an excellent teacher, but it became clear that to advance significantly, I needed on-to-one tuition, which is expensive. I found Live Lingua, which seemed to offer an affordable solution. The first teacher, I was introduced to, although , doubtless very competent, was not the person for me. Live Lingua connected me then with Ivan Sanchez. We have had a series of really enjoyable conversations, which have given me greater confidence. I still have a way to go. If you are serious about learning a language to a high standard, this is the way to do it.

Nicholas H. Unknown

I have worked with Ruth Pantaléon for nearly a decade. She has helped me improve my Spanish and has been a joy to work with while doing so. She is always on time, her internet and video are always strong. I can hear her well every class. I hope to continue to work with her for many years to come.

Joseph V. Professional Sportsman

For anybody who really wants to learn Spanish, the Live Lingua schools is the best option. From my teacher to the staff they have all been great. I felt like I was really part of a school and that the people actually cared about me and whether I learned Spanish or not. I have recommended it to all my friends.

Gina S. Store Manager

I have justed started learning Spanish with Live Lingua, but I feel this is the right way for me. I can't wait till I can speak with the family of my latino boyfriend in Spanish.

Alyssa R. Customer Service

Live Lingua has exceeded my expectations in providing me with wonderful instructors. Each has a unique approach and experiences that they bring to their teaching, using multimedia learning techniques and tailoring their lessons to my interests and learning styles. I highly recommend their service.

Don Unknown

I've had the same Live Lingua Spanish teacher for three years now. We have a lot of fun in our 1:1 classes. I'm pleased to say I've made steady progress and I'm now at a high intermediate level. This is thanks to Live Lingua's excellent system and teaching. For example, my teacher and I recently focused on the Subjunctive Tense. This has been hard work, but it's helped me understand more of the nuances of the Spanish language. My priority over the next year is to advance my conversational skills in Spanish.

Hugh S. Unknown

I really enjoy working with my Spanish teacher. He always comes prepared and clearly has experience teaching. Lessons are fun and I feel like I am making good progress.

Laura S. Unknown

Live Lingua Spanish school is the best Skype Spanish service online. I tried many of them, and am happy to find them.

Lawrenzo I. Retired

My company is expanding to latin america and we could not find anybody in Moscow who could offer our staff flexible Spanish lessons at a reasonable price. A friend of mine who works at the Bank of Russia recommended Live Lingua to our company and we have since contracted them for Spanish as well as English lessons. The staff who is working with them are very happy with the classes and have made good progress.

Evgenia A. Administrator

My teacher Laura is wonderful. She gives me just the right balance of grammar and conversation. And she is motivating. I have been with her over a year and, even when I think I should give it all up (because I know I will never actually be fluent) she is encouraging and makes it interesting. She keeps me going. I could go on and on about Laura, but part of my rating is because I appreciate the concept of Live Lingua. I was trying to learn from books but I knew I needed to use what I was learning. I needed the discipline of regular classes and someone interesting to talk with. Being able to talk with someone and learn from someone in Mexico is an amazing experience. I am learning grammar and vocabulary but also a lot about Mexican culture and history from the readings and conversations. It's a little bit like being an exchange student. All and all, it has been a wonderful experience

Nancy P. Unknown

This has been a fantastic experience. Belen is patient, detailed and I have learned more with her than I have in any other program.

Eric F. Unknown

Great service so far! I originally started on my quest to improve my Spanish speaking skills on Fiverr. I tried live tutors on there first, but didn't feel like the "contractor" model of the site was conducive to language learning. It was *just ok*. It felt confusing and more overhead for purchasing lessons & blocks of time than it needed to be. I felt that a site dedicated to language learning would be a better fit. So, I Googled for other options and decided to try Live Lingua based on reviews I read online. All were very positive. Because of this site, I decided to give Live Lingua a shot, and so far, it's been a great experience. It's been easy and purchase, schedule and jump in to classes that fit my schedule. I've only had about 5-6 hours of lessons so far, but feel that my skills have already sharply improved. My Spanish teacher is Leonardo and he's very awesome and fun to work with... very patient and his English is *perfect*. If you're interested in improving your Spanish, or any other language that they offer, you should absolutely give them a try!

Ray R. Unknown

Hi, I’ve really enjoyed my Spanish lessons with Laura Baylon over the past few years. She is a lovely person and a great teacher. She pushes me to increase my vocabulary while discussing interesting topics and history. It’s exactly what I need. Thank you Laura!! Jackie.

Jackie T. Unknown

Overall my experience with Live Lingua along with the quality and dedication of their teachers has been excellent. For many years, I have always wanted to learn Spanish and can't believe I am now able to speak comfortably at a conversational level with natives.

Ivan D. Unknown

I love Live Lingua.... I have a great teacher for one hour a week and I really feel my Spanish has improved. It is affordable an easy to use and I highly recommend it.

Janet W. Unknown

I've been learning Spanish for 5 years and recently started working one on on with a live Spanish instructor. They were able to see where I still needed improvement and tailored lessons to my specific language learning needs. Activities are culturally immersive and the experience has been amazing.

Marcus A. Unknown

My teacher Monica is terrific! I have looked at and tried many other programs, but I was never able to solve to my satisfaction the personal connection needed between teacher and student, until now. Monica sees where I am in my efforts, is very encouraging and friendly, and seems to have a course charted for my growth. I told her in our first meeting I have trouble with reflexive verbs in particular, so I get an entire page full of them for my homework. Arrrrgh! …in a good way. Hardly easing me into things. (I took Spanish in college 100 years ago, and I'm trying to pick it up again.) I love love the Google doc format to the instruction where Monica simply keeps adding to the same document so you can study and track your schooling from Day One. I have never been very organized and for me this is huge! I think a big thing in the dynamic is someone else seems to care how you are doing. It makes a difference to a degree because you are, in a way, accountable to them. As for the functionality of the program, your back end seems very robust. So far so good! A+ To Live Lingua!

Bob M. Unknown

My experience with Shanat Oliveros, my Spanish teacher has been very positive . She is genuinely interested in making my lessons geared to my learning style and I feel that I am learning more at every progressive session.

Chander C. Unknown

I have been taking Spanish lessons with Mr. Gustavo Flores for a little bit now. I cannot recommend him enough, I absolutely love him! The Live Lingua platform is fantastic and I am really glad I found the website.

Clifton G. Unknown

In my line of work I deal with a lot of Spanish speakers and need specific vocabulary. [My Spanish teacher] was able to work with me to create a custom program to teach me exactly what I needed. Now if a Spanish speaker comes into the office I am the personal they normally call to help.

Shahanna N. Social Worker

So far I've had an incredible experience with Live Lingua! Miguel keeps classes engaging and challenging and I've definitely seen an improvement in my Spanish skills already. I'd recommend LiveLingua to anyone committed to brushing up on their skills or learning a new language.

Sarah M. Unknown

I work with a lot of clients and co-workers in Mexico and have always wanted to be able to speak Spanish with them. Live Lingua has helped make that dream a reality.

Jeremy S. Head of Sales

I work at my local health department organizing mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinics for vulnerable populations in my rural community. Hispanic folks face many barriers to healthcare access- language being one of the biggest. I started taking Spanish lessons so I could educate individuals in the Hispanic community about COVID-19 vaccines. Six months ago, I knew absolutely no Spanish. Now, I'm finally able to begin having basic conversations with native Spanish speakers and help them get vaccinated. Thank you Live Lingua for helping me develop my Spanish skills and promote health equity!

Teagan N. Healthcare Professional

Coral is amazing!! Like really good. I can't recommend her enough!!

Olivia I. Unknown

Live Lingua has been such a great company to work with. Their prices are reasonable and the scheduling is simple. The talent, professionalism, and intelligence of my tutor has been some of the best I've ever encountered. She's improved my speaking and aural comprehension way beyond what I imagined when I started this. Plus, she's become someone I now consider a friend. I really can't say enough good things about my experience. If you're thinking about trying it, do it!

Anna H. Unknown

This is an excellent learning system. It's easy to schedule and reschedule classes, the video technology works very well, and the teachers assist you in learning at whatever pace you choose. In other words, it's a very comfortable and effective learning environment.

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