Teaching Spanish as a second language since 2006.

I speak a total of 4 languages:
Spanish (Native), English (Advanced), French (Advanced), Portuguese (Intermediate).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: Spain, France, Portugal, Morocco, Belgium, Venezuela and Colombia, so far.

"I have been working with Dionelio Moreno for the Spanish AP exam. He is wonderful! He has so many resources at his finger tips and is very familiar with the course and the Temas text. I'm sure he would be terrific with any level of language learning." Mary M. - Teacher

"I have been a student with Live Lingua for about 6 years. I have a lesson every week. It is a well run group that has very qualified teachers. As my needs have changed, I have changed teachers about 3 times. I am working with Dionelio now who teaches the DELE classes. Live Lingua is a program that will fit your needs. The teachers are reliable and helpful and have many creative ideas. Best way to learn a foreign language without going to the country ." Mary M. - Unknown

I teach Spanish to help you...

Speak with native Spanish speakers wherever you meet them.

Get fully prepared for your Spanish exam

Deliver care to Spanish speakers in need of medical assistance

Develop yourself and open up new opportunities in your life.

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