¡Hola! My name is Nieves, and I am a native speaker of Spanish from Cancún, Mexico. I’m a dedicated, skilled, and passionate teacher with experience in multicultural work environments.
I have a degree in English Language Teaching, and a diploma specializing in Spanish Teaching as a Foreign Language from The School for Foreign Students (EEE) of the Universidad Veracruzana.
I offer classes to students of all ages from any field. I have taught specialized courses and can adapt myself to the student’s needs.
The teaching of a language involves defining an appropriate methodology, a conception of the language, and applying a didactic strategy that facilitates students to develop their language skills according to their communication needs.
For me, the ideal class is when students are strategic learners capable of mastering disciplinary content and establishing systematic mechanisms to organize, guide, and enrich the acquisition of their own knowledge. When self-regulating their learning, they are able to adapt to any work and social environment and evaluate the aspects that can be improved. I consider myself as a facilitator and guide to help students modify their ideas and address the complex and changing knowledge of a language.
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Teaching Spanish as a second language since 2018.

I speak a total of 3 languages:
Spanish (Native), English (Advanced), French (Beginner).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: England, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Canada, Germany, and The Netherlands.

I teach Spanish to help you...

Speak with native Spanish speakers wherever you meet them.

Get fully prepared for your Spanish exam

Explore a Spanish speaking country comfortably and safely.

Develop yourself and open up new opportunities in your life.

"I am retired, and one of my life goals in live was to get the superior certificate [on the DELE exam]. I studied in a number of immersion schools in Spain and Argentina, and even took some of their DELE courses, but I was never able to pass to this final level. Thankfully one of the students I had class with in Spain mentioned you guys. I am glad I found you, and thank you for helping me pass this last hurdle. I would definately recommend Live Lingua for DELE tutoring." Ingrid B. - Retired

"This service has been a great experience and I would definately recommend it to anybody who wants to learn Spanish from a native speaking teacher." Abdul D. - Physician

"I work with a lot of clients and co-workers in Mexico and have always wanted to be able to speak Spanish with them. Live Lingua has helped make that dream a reality." Jeremy S. - Head of Sales

"In my line of work I deal with a lot of Spanish speakers and need specific vocabulary. [My Spanish teacher] was able to work with me to create a custom program to teach me exactly what I needed. Now if a Spanish speaker comes into the office I am the personal they normally call to help." Shahanna N. - Social Worker

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