Teaching Spanish as a second language since 2017.

I speak a total of 3 languages:
Spanish (Native), French (Advanced), English (Intermediate).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: Mexico

"If you want to learn Spanish, Live Lingua is the best option short of going to live in a Spanish speaking country. It really does feel like an immersion school." Cenk S. - Lawyer

"Our son, Julian, currently has mostly hourlong lessons with Amarilis, and he is learning a lot and enjoying them--thank you, Amarilis! His teacher at school has noticed his improvement too." Melissa C. - Unknown

"Learning Spanish with [my Spanish teacher] and Live Lingua is great. I am finally making real progress. Gracias!" Kimmie N. - Student

"Live Lingua has been fantastic. The ease of scheduling of classes makes thing so much easier and the speed at which they respond to all of my questions are truly top notch. Being honest with you at first I was nervous and took a chance on them, but I can say after 37 hours of one on one Spanish it is definitely work the long term investment. As a novice beginner of Spanish I have come a long way thanks to this fantastic company. I can read, write, speak, and understand more Spanish than I did a little under a year ago." Robert B. - Professor of Computer Science

I teach Spanish to help you...

Speak with native Spanish speakers wherever you meet them.

Develop your skills to become a better teacher

Develop yourself and open up new opportunities in your life.

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