Teaching Spanish as a second language since 2021.

I speak a total of 2 languages:
Spanish (Native), English (Advanced).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: Canada

"Live Lingua met and then exceeded my expectations. After studying Spanish on my own for almost two years and participating in an online group class for one year, I became a Live Lingua student 3 months ago. There are several things I like about this company: One, they assist you in finding teachers that fit your needs. When I joined, a student coordinator contacted me, gathered information about what and how I wanted to learn and facilitated the process of assigning me a teacher. My first teacher was a great fit! However, Live Lingua will help you find other teachers if you decide a match isn’t right, or if you simply want to experience a variety of teaching styles, accents, or learn from people from a variety of countries. Two, scheduling lessons is easy and flexible. I can schedule way ahead or closer to the time I want to take a lesson. If I have a conflict arise, it is easy to reschedule lessons. Three, the company is continuing to grow and develop new learning options as well as provide oversight. I felt good enough about my progress and experience with Live Lingua, that I took the plunge and joined the recent incoming class of “Live Lingua Unlimited” Spanish students. This more intensive approach is supported by staff who advise both students and their teams of teachers. I have three teachers with slightly different strengths and styles. I appreciate the well rounded approach and like that my teachers communicate and know what the others are doing with respect to my learning. Four, in my experience, the teachers are great! They are experienced, professional, kind, and their goal is to help you learn. I like meeting and working with native speakers and I find the opportunity to learn about different countries and cultures a delightful bonus. Lastly, if I have any questions or concerns there is someone I can check in with. Having support staff readily accessible is great. I stepped well out of my comfort zone when I signed up for Live Lingua classes. I feel like I’m still stretching myself but in a safe, constructive, productive environment. I really appreciate this company and the Live Lingua teachers." Melissa B. - Unknown

I teach Spanish to help you...

Speak with native Spanish speakers wherever you meet them.

Explore a Spanish speaking country comfortably and safely.

Work more effectively in a business environment

Develop yourself and open up new opportunities in your life.

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