Hola! I'm Silvana and I would love to share my passion for the Spanish language, History, traditions and art with you. I base my lessons on a communicative approach to immerse you in a real Spanish context through texts, songs, films and exercises to improve your grammar and vocabulary.
I'm from Argentine, but I have been living in Paris for more than 14 years now.
I'm an enthusiastic teacher that enjoys to develop strong bonds with students from all around the world. Can't wait to meet you!

Teaching Spanish as a second language since 2004.

I speak a total of 5 languages:
Spanish (Native), English (Advanced), French (Advanced), Italian (Advanced), German (Intermediate).

I've visited or lived in the following countries: Many, many...

I teach Spanish to help you...

Speak with native Spanish speakers wherever you meet them.

Get fully prepared for your Spanish exam

Explore a Spanish speaking country comfortably and safely.

Work more effectively in a business environment

Develop yourself and open up new opportunities in your life.

"My [Spanish] classes are great and my teacher is wonderful, you have a student for life" Virginia J. - Retired

"Live Lingua Spanish school is the best Skype Spanish service online. I tried many of them, and am happy to find them." Lawrenzo I. - Retired

"[My Spanish tutor] really has taught me a lot, my company is very happy with my progress and are looking to send me to Mexico to work in our division there next year." Quilong C. - Manager

"I was layed of in 2008 and was having trouble finding work in my chosen profession of being a teacher. The only jobs that were open required that I speak Spanish. At that time I spoke none. I have now been with Live Lingua for 3 years, and 7 months into my job search my Spanish level was enough to get a job when many of my friends could not. Thank you so much." Evelyn N. - Primary School Teacher

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