What could YOU do with Unlimited Spanish Classes?

Master the Spanish language and enjoy limitless opportunities and connections with UNLIMITED Spanish lessons.

Yes! I Want Unlimited Spanish Lessons!


  • You can understand native speakers, no matter how fast they speak
  • Grammar is `hardwired` so you speak naturally — WITHOUT having to conjugate in your head
  • Your brain lands on the right word at the right time... so your sentences flow easily and spontaneously
  • Navigate ANY conversation as an equal partner, event is a subject is complex or you dont know how much about the topic
  • You're finally thinking in Spanish

When you study consistently with a Live Lingua tutor, here’s what's possible in a year...

Find a more interesting job,

like Jessica did. Her Spanish skills helped her land a Job In Mexico City and travel throughout Latin America. She made friends, took cooking classes from locals, and spent time immersed in new cultures.

Upgrade your travel experience,

like Mark and his wife Lisa. They dove into Spanish together and used their new language skills to make their trip to Peru much more interesting... and memorable.

With their new found Spanish, they were able to truly get off the beaten track, discover hidden gems, and make meaningful connections with locals.

Talk with your in-laws,

like Alex did. The family of his Puerto Rican girlfriend trying include him in conversation, but they barely spoke English... so he decided to learn Spanish. He started with zero spanish and 10 months later was fully participating in — and enjoying their conversation.

With unlimited access, you'll enjoy:

  • Flexibility: Learn at your own convenience with up to 3 teachers specifically chosen for your level and learning style. Learn whenever and wherever you want. No more scheduling hassles!
  • Personalized Learning: Our professionally educated teaches will tailor lessons to your specific goals and needs, ensuring rapid progress.
  • Confidence: Gain the confidence to speak fluently in social, professional, and travel settings.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Explore the richness of Spanish and Latin American culture, history, and traditions as you become fluent in Spanish.
  • Lifetime Skills: Learning Spanish is an investment that will benefit you for a lifetime, opening new horizons and career opportunities.
"I need to improve Spanish for my job. I've been taking classes with Live Lingua now for almost three months and I bought the unlimited package for a year. I am super happy with the service I've received. First, my teachers are fantastic. I have two regular teachers and I can tell that they spend quality time trying to understand my weaknesses and how I can improve. Second, it is not difficult to get class time. You sign up for your classes so there is no set time. I love this but was apprehensive about low availability. This has NOT been an issue at all. In fact, I could probably take 15 hours a week if I wanted. Third, the company is very responsive. When I first signed up they were prompt at answering my emails and providing me an additional professor with varying hours so I could take more classes. Overall, I am very happy with my choice to take lessons here. I will definitely come back once my unlimited subscription is over. I highly recommend!"
Erin G., Unlimited Spanish student
"I decided to sign up for the unlimited sessions as I loved my current Live Lingua teacher. My Spanish is progressing and thought it would get better if I can spend a little more time each week. I really wanted to get better so I can explore Spanish-speaking countries and have the ability to interact with the local population and facilitate basic transactions in Spanish. So far, I really enjoy my classes and I think Unlimited Spanish is very cost effective."
Patrick O., Unlimited Spanish student
"My Unlimited Spanish classes are going very well. I really am trying to take advantage of what was such a great offer and deal for unlimited classes. I'm sure I'll need to keep working with my tutors beyond this calendar year, but don't think I would've taken the leap to learning Spanish with a tutor if this offer hadn't come up. My Live Lingua teachers are excellent, and it works well that they have different approaches and processes, because I'm getting a lot from each of their styles."
Jess R., Unlimited Spanish student
Our guarantee

Our Guarantee

Try Unlimited Spanish for 30 days. If you decide the program is not for you, we'll refund your purchase, minus a fee for the classes you have already taken (see below).

You'll learn Spanish naturally, using tools you enjoy

With coaching from a professional, native-speaking tutor, you will...

  1. Clarify your goals, so you know EXACTLY what you're trying to accomplish in the next 12 months — and what you need to do each day to make it happen
  2. Stop struggling to memorize rules. Instead discover your unique learning style — the way your brain processes information best.
  3. Watch your fluency and confidence grow in the context of live conversations with native-speaking tutors, your favourite books, inspirational films and more.

You might have a few questions...

Does Unlimited Spanish works for all levels?
Unlimited Spanish works whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced speaker. That’s because Unlimited Spanish is not a fixed program. Instead, our tutors tailor their lessons to your learning style, goals, and interests. Whether you want to enjoy casual conversations with native speakers or speak fluently about complex technical subjects, we’ve got you covered!
How many lessons can I take?
You can take as many classes as you want, when you want them (subject to your teachers' availability).
Can I work with more than one teacher?

Yes! In fact, we recommend it. Multiple teachers give you an experience with a variety of accents and cultures.

The process is simple: If you're already taking Spanish classes with Live Lingua, you can continue with your current teacher. We’ll also help you find additional teachers that understand your learning style, learning goals, and interests.

We recommend learning with 3 teachers (although you could work with as many as 5). You decide whether you want to alternate evenly between them, or have a primary teacher, and speak with someone else when your primary teacher isn’t available.

I’m already a student. What happens to my hours if I sign up for Unlimited Spanish?
When you join our Unlimited Spanish one-year program, we’ll refund your current balance at the same rate you purchased them. For example, if you bought hours at $16/hour, and you have 7 hours left, we’ll refund you 7 x $16 = $112.
Our guarantee
Try Unlimited Spanish for 30 days. If you decide the program is not for you we’ll refund your purchase minus a fee for the classes you have already taken. Your refund is calculated by multiplying the number of classes taken by our standard hourly rate of $27 per hour, and subtracting that number.

What is the price?

Unlimited classes for 3-months
I want 3-months of Unlimited Spanish
Save 30%!
1 Year
Unlimited classes for 1-year
I want 1-year of Unlimited Spanish
Unlimited classes for 6-months
I want 6-months of Unlimited Spanish

All UNLIMITED SPANISH programs include:

Private, one-on-one classes

3 assigned teachers

30-day Guarantee