Verb Definition
abandonarto abandon, leave behind, desert; to quit, give up
abordarto board, get on [plane, bus, etc.]; to approach, accost [a person]
abrazarto hug, embrace
abusarto go too far, take advantage
acabarto finish, end
acamparto camp, encamp, go camping
aceptarto accept, approve; to agree to
acercarto bring near[er], move [something] nearer
acercarseto approach
acompañarto accompany, go with, escort
aconsejarto advise
acordarto decide, resolve, agree [on]
acordarseto remember
acortarto shorten
acostarto put to bed
acostarseto go to bed, lie down
acostumbrarto be accustomed to, be in the habit of; to get
acostumbrarseto get used to, get accustomed to
actuarto act, perform, actuate, operate
adivinarto guess, fortell, prophesy; to guess correctly
admirarto admire, respect, look up to
adorarto adore, worship
adornarto adorn; to decorate, embellish; to garnish [food]
afeitarto shave
afeitarseto shave [oneself]
afirmarto make firm, steady, strengthen; to affirm, state, assert
agorarto predict, prophesy
agradarto please, be pleasing
aguantarto put up with, endure, bear, stand
ahorcarto hang
ahorrarto save
alcanzarto reach, catch, catch up to, catch up with
alegrarto make happy, cheer [up], gladden
alegrarseto be glad, happy; to become/get happy; to rejoice
alentarto encourage, cheer, inspire, bolster up
aliviarto alleviate, ease, lessen, lighthen, relieve
almorzarto lunch, eat lunch, have lunch
alquilarto rent; to rent out, let
amarto love
amenazarto threaten, menace
andarto walk, go
anhelarto be eager for/to, long for/to, yearn for/to
anunciarto announce
apagarto extinguish, put out, turn off
aplicarto apply
apostarto bet, wager
apoyarto support, hold up, prop up; to back
apreciarto appreciate, value, esteem, estimate, notice
apretarto be too tight; to squeeze; to tighten [up]; to press [down/against]
aprobarto pass
arreglarto arrange, settle, fix up, repair, tidy up
arrojarto throw, hurl, cast, toss
asociarto associate; to pool, put together
aspirarto breath in, inhale; to suck in; to aspirate; to aspire
asustarto frighten, scare, startle
asustarseto be frightened [oneself]
atacarto attack
atravesarto cross, cross over, go across, go over, pass through
aumentarto increase, add to, augment; to be on the increase, rise
avanzarto advance, move forward
averiguarto find out, discover
avisarto warn, inform, notify
ayudarto help
bailard a n c e
bajarto lower, go down, descend, download
bañarto give a bath
bañarseto take a bath, bathe [oneself]
bautizarto baptize, christen
besark i s s
bordarto embroider
borrarto erase, rub out, to cross out, obliterate, wipe out
brillarto shine, sparkle, glitter, gleam
brindarto toast
broncearseto get a suntan, tan
bucearto skin-dive; to dive under water; to dive
burlarto deceive, trick; to seduce
burlarseto mock, ridicule, make fun of [someone/something]
buscarto search for, look for
calcularto calculate, compute, add up
calentarto heat [up], warm [up]
calentarseto heat up, warm up
callarto keep quiet about, pass over in silence; to hush
callarseto keep quiet , be quiet, shut up, be silent, remain silent
calmarto calm (down), quiet, soothe
calmarseto calm down [oneself]
caminarto walk, go
cancelarto cancel; to wipe out, write off [debt]
cansarto tire, tire out, fatigue, wear out
cansarseto get tired, get worn out, get weary
caracterizarto characterize
cargarto load, load up; to charge
casarto marry, join in marriage, join in wedlock
casarseto marry [someone], get married [to someone]
castigarto punish, penalize, castigate
causarto cause; to create, make
cazarto hunt, represent, stand for
celebrarto celebrate; to praise, applaud
cenarto eat supper, have supper; to eat dinner, have dinner; to dine; to have for supper [or dinner]
censurarto censor; to censure, criticize, blame
cepillarto brush
cerrarto close, shut
cesarto cease, stop
charlarto chat, talk
chismearto gossip
chocarto shock; to startle; to be suprising, startling; to collide, crash
civilizarto civilize
clarificarto clarify, illuminate, light [up], brighten
clasificarto classify, grade, rate, sort
cobrarto charge [a price]; to cash [a check]; to collect, receive [an amount]
cocinarto cook; to do the cooking
colgarto hang, hang up, be hanging, be suspended
colocarto locate, place
colonizarto colonize, settle
comenzarto begin, start, commence
comprarto buy, purchase
comunicarto communicate, transmit, tell, pass on
comunicarseto communicate [e.g., with someone], be in touch, correspond; to be transmitted
condenarto condemn, convict, sentence
confesarto confess
confiarto trust, be trusting, entrust
confirmarto confirm, corroborate, endorse
confiscarto confiscate
conjugarto conjugate
conquistarto conquer, overcome, win
conservarto preserve, conserve; to keep, retain
contaminarto contaminate, pollute; to corrupt
contarto count, relate, tell
contestarto answer
continuarto continue
controlarto control; to inspect, check
conversarto talk, converse; to tell, relate
convidarto invite
copiarto copy
cortarto cut
costarto cost
crearto create; to make
criarto raise
criarseto grow [up]; to be brought up
criticarto criticize
crucificarto crucify
cruzarto cross
cuidarto take care of, look after
culparto blame, accuse; to condemn
cultivarto cultivate; to grow
curarto cure; to treat, dress [a wound]
darto give
declararto declare, state; to bid [in cards]
decorarto decorate, adorn
dedicarto dedicate
dedicarseto devote oneself, dedicate oneself, go in for, take up [carrer/interest in something]
dejarto leave, abandon; to let, allow
demostrarto demonstrate, show
depositarto deposit; to place; to put away, store
desagradarto displease, be displeasing
desarrollarto develop, expand; to unroll, unwind; to unfold
desarrollarseto develop, evolve; to unwind
desayunarto eat breakfast, have breakfast
descansarto rest, take a rest; to support, lean [on
desearto desire, want, wish
despertarto awaken
despertarseto wake up
detestarto detest, hate
devorarto devour, eat up, gobble up
dibujarto draw, sketch, depict
diseñarto design
disfrutarto enjoy
disgustarto displease, be displeasing; to annoy, upset
divorciarto divorce
divorciarseto get divorced [from somebody]
doblarto double; to turn [a corner, to the right, etc.]; to fold, crease
ducharto douche
ducharseto take a shower, shower [oneself]
dudarto doubt
durarto last, go on, continue
echarto throw, cast, fling, hurl, pitch, toss
echarseto throw, fling, hurl [oneself]
educarto educate; to bring up
efectuarto effect, carry out, bring about
eliminarto eliminate, remove, get rid of
emborracharto make drunk, intoxicate; to get [someone] drunk
emborracharseto get drunk, become drunk
emigrarto emigrate; to migrate
empezarto begin, start
emplearto employ, hire; to use
enamorarto inspire love in, win the love of
enamorarseto fall in love
encantarto delight, be delighting, charm, enchant
encontrarto find, encounter
enfadarto anger, irritate, annoy
enfadarseto get angry, get irratated, get annoyed
enfermarto make ill, make sick, cause illness in
enfermarseto get sick, become ill, fall ill. become sick
engañarto deceive, cheat, trick, swindle
enojarto anger, upset, annoy; to make angry
enojarseto get angry, get upset, lose one's temper
enseñarto teach, instruct, train, educate
ensuciarto dirty
enterarseto find out [about something], to learn [of something])
entrarto enter, go in, come in
entregarto deliver, hand over
entrevistarto interview
entusiasmarto excite; to fill with excitement [or enthusiasm]
entusiasmarseto get excited, become excited [filled with excitement or enthusiasm]
enviarto send
equivocarto mistake
equivocarseto make a mistake
errarto err, make an error
escucharto listen to, hear
esperart o hope
esquiarto ski
estarto be
estimarto estimate; to appraise; to esteem, respect
estudiarto study
evacuarto evacuate, empty
evitarto avoid; to prevent
explicarto explain
explorarto explore; to pioneer
explotarto exploit; to explode
exportarto export
expresarto express, voice, state
fabricarto manufacture
faltarto lack, be lacking, be missing, be absent
fascinarto fascinate, captivate
felicitarto congratulate
fijarto fix, fasten, secure
firmarto sign
formarto form, shape, fashion, make
fumarto smoke
funcionarto function; to run, work
ganarto win, gain, earn, get, acquire
gastarto spend, expend; to use up, consume; to wear away, wear down
generalizarto generalize
glorificarto glorify, praise
gobernarto govern
graduarto graduate
graduarseto graduate
gritarto shout, yell, scream, cry out
guardarto guard, watch over, protect, take care of; to keep, hold on to; to put away, store away
guiarto guide
gustarto please, be pleasing
hablarto speak
hallarto find; to discover; to locate; to find out
hallarseto be, to find oneself; to be located, found
helarto freeze, to congeal, to chill
heredarto inherit
ilustrarto illustrate, explain, make clear
importarto import
indicarto indicate
informarto inform, tell, announce
iniciarto initiate, begin, start
inmigrarto immigrate
instalarto install; to set up, erect
insultarto insult
intentarto try, attempt
interesarto interest, be of interest [to]
interpretarto interpret; to translate
inventarto invent
investigarto investigate
invitarto invite
invocarto invoke
jactarseto boast, brag
jugarto play
juntarto join, unite, put together, assemble
juntarseto join, come together, gather together, meet
jurarto swear
ladrarto bark
lamentarto lament, regret, feel sorry about
lanzarto throw, hurl, cast, fling
lastimarto hurt, injure, harm; to pity; to move to pity
lavarto wash
lavarseto wash [oneself], to wash up
legalizarto legalize, make lawful
levantarto raise, to lift
levantarseto get up
limpiarto clean
llamarto call, to name
llamarseto be called, be named
llegarto arrive, come, reach; to bring up, bring over; to gather together
llenarto fill; to fulfill
llevarto carry, bring
llorarto cry, weep; to weep for/about, cry about, lament
lograrto get, obtain; to achieve, attain
lucharto fight, struggle; to wrestle
madurarto mature; to ripen
mandarto order
manejarto drive
maquillarto put make-up on
maquillarseto put on make-up [on oneself]
marcarto mark, stamp, to show, indicate; to dial [e.g., a phone]
masticarto chew
matarto kill, slay, slaughter
matricularto register
matricularseto register, enroll, matriculate [oneself]
merendarto have a[n afternoon] snack, have as a snack
mezclarto mix, mix up, mix together, blend; to combine, merge, shuffle
mirarto watch, look at
modificarto modify, change
molestarto bother, annoy, inconovenience, put out, upset
montarto mount, to get on, to ride
mostrarto show
mudarto change, alter
mudarseto move [=change residence]
nadarto swim
navegarto navigate, sail
necesitarto need, require
negarto deny, refuse
negarseto refuse
negociarto negotiate
nevarto snow
notarto note, notice, observe
obligarto oblige
odiarto hate
olvidarto forget
olvidarseto forget
organizarto organize
pagarto pay, pay for
pararto stop, halt
participarto participate, take part in; to share in; to inform, notify
pasarto pass, pass by, go; to pass on, hand; to spend [time]; to happen
patinarto skate; to slide, skid
pegarto stick, glue, hit
peinarto comb
peinarseto comb one's hair; to do one's hair
pelearto fight; to brawl, scruffle
pensarto think
perdonarto forgive, pardon, excuse
pesarto weigh; to weigh down, weigh heavily;
pescarto fish
picarto prick, puncture, perforate; to sting, bite
pintarto paint
plancharto iron, press; to do the ironing
plantarto plant
platicarto chat, talk
practicarto practice
preguntarto ask, inquire
preguntarseto wonder, ask oneself
prepararto prepare, get
prepararseto get
presentart o i n t r o d u c e
preservarto preserve, protect
probarto taste, try, test
protestarto protest
provocarto provoke
publicarto publish
purificarto purify
quebrarto break, smash; to fail, go bankrupt
quebrarseto break, smash, get broken
quedarto stay, remain, be left; to be [indicating location]
quedarseto stay [behind], remain [behind]
quejarseto complain
quemarto burn [up], set on fire, scald, scorch; to be burning hot
quemarseto burn [oneself], to burn up, burn down
realizarto achieve, attain, accomplish, realize
rechazarto reject; to push back, repel
reciclarto recycle; to retrain [a person]
recomendarto recommend
recordarto remember, remind
regalarto give [as a gift]; to present; to give away; to treat royally, pamper
regarto water, irrigate, wash, sprinkle, spray
regatearto haggle (over), bargain (over)
registrarto register, record; to search
registrarseto register [oneself]
regresarto return, go back
regularto regulate, adjust, control
rehusarto refuse
reinarto reign, rule
renovarto renew; to renovate
renunciarto renounce, surrender, resign
repararto repair, mend, restore
repasarto review, go over again; to do again
replicarto reply, answer back
reportarto bring, carry; to obtain; to report, inform; to denounce, accuse
reservarto reserve; to keep, keep in reserve
respetarto respect
respirarto breathe, breathe in, inhale
resultarto turn out (to be), prove [to be], ensue
revelarto reveal, disclose; to develop [film]
rezarto pray
robarto rob, steal, burgle, break into
rogarto plead, beg, ask for
sacarto take out, stick out
sacrificarto sacrifice
saltarto jump, leap; to jump over, leap over; to omit, skip, leave out
saludarto greet, salute, hail, welcome
salvarto save, rescue; to except, exclude
satirizarto satirize
secarto dry, dry up, dry off, wipe dry
secarseto dry, dry off, dry up
señalarto point out, point to, indicate; to signal; to mark
sentarto seat, sit
sentarseto sit down, seat oneself
significarto signify, mean
simbolizarto symbolize, represent, stand for
situarto place, put, situate
sonarto sound; to ring
soñarto dream
soportarto support, hold up, bear; to put up with, tolerate
suspirarto sigh
taparto cover; to put the lid on, put the cap on, put the stopper in
tardarto delay, take a long time, be long, be slow [in doing something]
terminarto finish, end
tirarto throw, hurl; to shoot, fire; to throw away; to pull [out]
tocarto touch; to play
tomarto take, drink
trabajarto work
tragarto swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up with
tratarto treat, handle
triunfarto triumph, win
tropezarto trip, stumble, slip up
ubicarto place, locate; to be located, be situated
untarto anoint; to smear, rub
usarto use
utilizarto use, utilize
vaciarto empty
variarto vary
verificarto verify, check, inspect
viajarto travel, journey
visitarto visit
volarto fly
vomitarto vomit, throw up, bring up
votarto vote
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